Oct 6, 2008

lavshuca and nails

I finally got un-lazy and adjusted the sizes and whatnot for the eye look i attemped to try with the blue Lavshuca palette Aya sent me. The colors look super washed out by the lighting but you guys get the gist of it. ALSO!! I was looking about other blogs and i happen to have stumbled on a blog about Konad nail art. Well...what do you know...I actually had a mini kit laying under my bed that I won about two years ago in Japan through those claw games. It was a bag filled with goodies and the little box happened to be a KONAD NAIL ART KIT! My oh my...this thing is crazy great. I didn't know how to use it since everything was in Japanese and I'm too lazy to do nail art. With this little baby, you can stamp away and create very nice nails! Here's pictures of my eyes and my nails :]

P.S. I'm lemming the Dior Deluxe Travel Palette. It's $70 expensive at Nordstrom...yes yes I am a poor college student. But i WANT. HRM...snowboard or...another palette that I probably won't use every day?

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Alyssa said...

The nails came out so cute! :) Aren't you Japanese?