Sep 24, 2008


i have not posted for a while and have been pretty has given more hours [yes! so i can buy more makeup and buy toys for my doggie ^__^]. anywho! i DID go to the GRAND OPENING of SEPHORA at the Montclair mall. I dragged a girl friend and MY boyfriend along. We just BARELY made it to get gift cards, each that had $10 on them. Hey! Better than nothing! I didn't splurge on anything, because I want to save up and jsut get a huge haul before Christmas for myself. I'm trying to be really good about spending too much at the moment!! My boyfriend gave me his giftcard, so yeahh I have $20 to spend :]

Wo-wo has been keeping me up all night too! She just wants to sleep with me but she's so small and I'm afraid to squish her T_T She stays at my boyfriend's house, because we've figured it's easier to train her at one house. She still poops in infamous places -.-''

ALSO!! I made TOP 15! for yummiebitez contest!! I am so excited!! There are so many other lovely contestants that made it...BUT I REALLY WANT THE PALETTE! haha so of course I'm voting every day and getting the gfs and my bf to voteee duhh!

I'll try to post more. I have a couple of looks I did with the palettes that Aya got me in Japan and they look quite lovely :] toodles for now!

Sep 12, 2008

meet wo-wo!

meet wo-wo! my boyfriend and i got her tuesday...picked her up from a private seller. she's a long-haired chihuahua and shes just so cute! shes even potty trained already thanks to me :] she's just five weeks old and i love her so much that i can just pop her! ;D

Sep 8, 2008

polka dots!

i did this look for alyssa's nail contest. i usually just paint my nails one color, because i do not have the patience, nor steady hand to do all the beautiful things that she does. i did try however, and came up with this cute polka dot look. i used OPI's OPI POR FAVOR color which is a light pink, and Milani's Black Magic for the dots. I just used a tooth pick :p You can see that I messed up a few times in different spots, but i tried. it took me just a little over an hour T_T it was hard for me :[ but i tried :[ i hope you like!

Sep 4, 2008

cue aka purikura <3

my boyfriend wishes he could be this color in real life...what a weirdo T_T

my favorite one ^__^;;

the boyfriend and i went to cue the other night since we were bored and i love that place [i have a whole booklet of cue sticker pictures ^__^]. i tried to do something different...hence the RED LIPS. normally i just sport some lipgloss or chapstick...something that isn't too drastic and noticeable, but boy oh boy when i put my viva glam lippie on i think i almost gave my boy toy a heart attack! hah! he was like...what are you wearing?! yup...i told you so that i don't really wear lipstick. i was really hesitant on stepping out of the house with this color on my lips but i really want to try and get used to it since the look for fall is the dark plum looking goth lips that i find lovely. they remind me of vampires...and i want the whole gray/pale white skin just like them...maybe i am too obsessed with my twilight series.'s my cue pix aka purikura. i love this place and i wish we would go more but those damn machines are so expensive!! i remember going back in 9th grade...about 5 years ago...when the sheet of stickers cost only around $4!!