Jul 29, 2008

talent? indeed!

so my boyfriend is a graphic design major and he totally loves messing around with photoshop. i guess he got bored one day and wanted to add some photoshop makeup to his already cute face :p yeah well let's just say his makeup skills are crazy! i saw it and was like wtheckkk that's photoshopped?! well anywho, he makes one scary looking dark guy if he actually wore this out to the real world :p here's the before and after pictures :]



i guess you guys can click the picture to see a more clear view. but he sure has talent!
i have some eye looks to post but i've been too lazy to post them and i got my hair cut recently as well! i shall post those pictures up SOON! :] enjoy!

Jul 25, 2008


before i am off to work, i want to make a little rant about loose shadows. they are lovely and beautiful and all that good stuff but i just hate how they get EVERYWHERE! i have to take extra effort to dust some powder under my eyes in order to swipe off the excess shadow that comes off and it is suchhh a hassle. eww. but me being me, i'll suck it up because loose eye shadows are pretty and pigmented and they look awesome :] i just won't use them before work when they get on my clothes and yeah. im such a whiner but oh well. sue me :p

Jul 18, 2008

spray me!

alrighty, so i've been using this baby for the past couple of weeks and i love it! it's so easy and convenient, just spray and go! i have to say that i am pretty tanned, and i want to achieve a fair complexion and with this 70 spf, it will help me get there. along with wearing long sleeves in the sun, which i try to stay out of as long as i can, i have to say that it seems like i am not getting darker yay! this product doesn't have a funky smell to it either that normal sunblock gives off. it feels nice and it's easy to use. i am definitely going to keep my hands on this!

Jul 13, 2008

boyfriend's eyebrows

alrighty, so my boyfriend had THE BUSHIEST eyebrows ever and i really wanted to groom them. I didn't want to make them so groomed and cleaned like a pair of girl eyebrows but enough to be see his eyes :] soooo i did some tweezing, trimming, and even shaving for the little hairs and this is what i've created. I've never done guy eyebrows before and I am quite happy and satisfied with the results!

this is a normal picture...

and this would just be him being a monster...

and this is him doing i have no idea... but he's a camera whore and he had just got his hair cut and i liked these pictures too ^_^ but anyways...he's the best boyfriend ever because he let's me do this sorta stuff to him and he doesn't mind too much. next time i should post some pictures of what i let him do to my face :p yes...i let him put colorful makeup eyeshadows on me and i have to say i am impressed. that's probably because he is a graphic design major and he should know good color combinations and stuff! he better! :]

Jul 3, 2008


i have been very very lazy as you can see i have not blogged for quite a while :[ i havent even been doing anything! i bought a couple of those revlon creame shadow palettes and they work great for bases! i used a color for a base today. i got the va va va bloom 07 and skinlights 08 illuminance creame shadows. i really like the skinlights one because they are neutral tones and can work well with any color applied on top.

it's just a quick EOTD look. i used:
+ the third color from revlon skinlights creame shadow palette as a base
+ NYX yellow pearl
+ milani coffee shop [dry]
+ lancome dill [shimmer]
+ mary kay spun silk for highlighter
+ ELF liquid liner in black
+ lancome eye pencil in noir for waterline and then set with NYX black shadow
+ ELF mascara

i used a lot of random shadows since i was bored at home with nothing to do. hopefully i can a lot more eye looks this summer :p i hope everyone out there is staying cool!