Apr 24, 2010

Sephora 15% Haul!

my sephora haul!
Nars eyeshadow duo in Brousse

My video!! Did it on my sister's camera. My laptop is messed up...hence the last video. The color is bright on this video...but at least the talking is in sync with my voice!! Oh..and you see my two doggies in the background :p

Apr 17, 2010


Sitting outside gives so much more better lighting so the colors actually look true!! Just a mini-haul from Walgreens and Walmart yay! Oh and I have dark hair again :]

and EWWW the sound is not in sync with the video...oh well. the color looks good..haha!

Apr 11, 2010

Kat Von D True Romance Palette

Very lovely palette :] I think I shall be making a youtube channel soon :]

Apr 5, 2010


I know I know!! It's been forever since I've updated and I kind of just disappeared out of no where. A lot has happened and changed. If you noticed there is a certain person that is no longer in my life...hint no more obsessed with someone hint hint. Uhh yeah...I learned that people change and feelings change and so I decided that I needed to just forget about him and move on with my life. So I started to focus on me and update myself. I started to date again and now have someone that loves me even more. Anywhooooo...I still lurked about on blogger and kept up with the latest crazes and phases. I still hauled...just A LOT more gently...and now I am back!! Thanks to those who still follow!!

So...I've been thinking...I'm becoming to comfortable with my webcam and vlogging through there...do you think I should set up a youtube account and vlog? I have even more limited time now...I'm graduating in a couple of quarters and I'm on my way to also get my real estate license. What do you all suggest?!