Aug 30, 2008

collective haul

I have been super lazy and I just keep postponing all my posts. I don't really have a reason except for...I'm always out out out :p Well...anyways, here's some stuff I actually got through makeupalley. I was really hesitant for swapping on there since I've been hearing a lot of horror stories, but I was extra careful and messaged with the lovely ladies quite a few times before sealing the deal. Here's a picture of the things I got; a lot of extras were included but I probably either won't be using those or...I totally forgot to take a picture. Yay! My first MAC shadestick in Royal Hue. The next post will have me wearing it as a base. I did a purple look for my six months :] More on that later :]

Here is what I got from Aya-san [irodori]!! YAY!! She even threw in an extra palette!! We e-mailed back and forth quite a bit, but not so much anymore. She's a busy gal!! Basically, I bought her US items and in return she sent me items from Japan :] YAY!!

I went to Japan twice and fell in love with their connecty earrings since I have two holes on each side plus one in my cartilege on one ear. I told her about them and she got me some cute star earrings!! I'm wearing them as we speak :]

The boyfriend took me on a shopping trip to Brea mall and he said I could get whatever as long as it wasn't makeup. Boo hoo! Well...not really since I have a ton of it anyways. I'm really trying to save up for that Hello Kitty MAC release that's up in the air. Anyways, I got this super cute thin black belt with stars and a trendy vest at Metropark. There's a better picture below.

Charlotte Russe was having a brown bag sale [anything you fit in the bag was 25% off]. I just thought this shirt was cool and got some panties along with it but...those are for my eyes only :p

I love my vest! I forgot to take a picture of the black hat that I got at Metropark as well. It's just one of those black hats...kind of like the one Fergie wears in her Big Girls Don't Cry MV.

I love love love my new Betsey Johnson bag!! It's my favorite item from the shopping trip. I've been eyeing the bag every time I went to the mall and it was $90 and I told myself ughh I don't need another bag especially in white. They just get dirty so fast! must have been my lucky day because this bag was marked down to $60! SO I FINALLY got it! Got a cool looking sword necklace and a couple of cheap sunglasses that are from Love 21...that Forever 21 accessories store. I love my boyfriend and gosh...this was a fun collective haul :] More pictures will be coming soon when I get the chance to upload them on a host site :]

Aug 26, 2008

red eye JUST KIDDING! eotd :]

i have been up to no good...just working a ton to get some of that extra cash flow in before school starts all over again yuck. i was playing around with my jesse's girl loose eye pigment and came up with this look. i just used the red pigment with my l'oreal de-crease primer and used a highlight to blend out the harsh lines. nothing too complicated. i don't really like the red look on me but ehh...i am definitely not going to toss it. i do however use my pink loose eye dust all the time :]

on another note, i am a total nerd and just finished reading the whole TWILIGHT series! yay! i can't wait for the movie to come out in november!! it took harry potter's spot since they are delaying ;] who else has read TWILIGHT?! let me know :]

Aug 18, 2008

been busy/ review!

i have been super dee-duper busy--having two jobs and all since i am trying to get in all the hours i can before school starts up again. i have a bunch of stuff to post about including some collective hauls and my package from aya aka irodori [who is a total sweetheart!!]. life has been busy and hectic but good :] i only have a month left before school gets back in session and that is when i will quit a job and focus on my b&n job...yup i am a total nerd when it comes to books!

anyways! on to the review!! so...last week or so i went to k-mart since they were having a BOGO free sale and i was perusing the hair aisle when i saw...

TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray!!

yup!! i have to try it!! plus it was buy 2 for $6. you can't go wrong there when they normally cost a little more than $4 i think. i have super dry hair because i abuse it horribly by curling and straightening it and whatnot. so...i've been using this like...every day!! and i totally love the results. before, when i would wash my hair, i could feel that my hair was dry and brittle [that's how bad it is!!] and after i have been using this product for more than a week or so, i can feel the difference in my hair!! when i wash it now, it's more smooth than before and doesn't feel like it my hair will break away. i can't wait to see the results in the long run!! all i do is spritz some on before i heat my hair and abuse it and yayuh! my hair feels a bit more protected than before. i recommend this to anyone who likes to abuse their hair with heating products like i do. and it's even more worth it when they have those great deals like buy 2 for $6!

Aug 11, 2008

mermaid eotd

excuse the mermaid look but i was having too much fun playing with my jesse's girl eye dusts. i remember i came out of my room and my younger sister was like wth you look like a mermaid, thus my inspiration for the name. anyways...i didn't curl my lashes yet but here's what i packed onto my eye.

-l'oreal de-crease
- revlon creame shadow in va va va bloom [first slot]
- aquamarine looking color in jesse's eye dust
- hot pink color in jesse's eye dust [for some reason my dusts have no names like others have mentioned]
- jane coolest pink
- very sexy aqau sequin eyeliner

p.s. i love my ghetto looking shaded in eyebrows but i love plucking and shaving them too much.

on another note, i am patiently waiting for my package that aya [irodori] sent. we went shopping for each other and shipped packages to each other. i can't wait for the goodies from japan! :]

Aug 7, 2008

melody's makeup outlet haul

so after reading all about melody's makeup outlet in alhambra from yummiebitez, i had to check it out for myself since it's only about 15-20 minutes away from me. why not save money on name brand makeup? well...i got a viva glam I and a warm eyes royal palette that i've wanted for a very long time since I got addicted to the makeup craze. i love name brand makeup and always just used the urban decay shadows, clinique, or lancome but I had to check out the shadows on this baby. it's an old palette but I am IN LOVE with it! I haven't tried the lippie yet, but I will soon. I had this haul for awhile now...I went the day after I saw it on yummiebitez blog and yup...i even got a 10% discount just for mentioning the gal :] thanks! so yessss...just wanted to let you know what I picked up!

p.s. thanks for the hair comments! i love it too but i am so lazy to style it every day :[

Aug 5, 2008

new hair?! not really...

okay so i sort of suck at this blogging thing because i cant leep up with my posts. I take tons of pictures but I just can't seem to upload them and then watermark them and whatnot and grrr i am a lazy butt. anywhoo...i got my haircut a couple of weeks ago and totally did not want that emo punk hair look...but kind i went to my hairdresser to see if she could give me this look without changing my hair too drastically [i just had layers in front]. she fobbed it out and yet with a touch of hardcore punk, it looks cute and chic. i love it. she has totally crazy hair like those rebel hong kong kids that smoke cigs down the alley in front of the arcade...she has a crazy sharp cut with choppy layers and hot red streaks...and in the back she has her hair cut around her tattoo on her neck. it's crazy cool. i love love love how she styles my hair. too bad i can never style it exactly how she does it...she tries to teach me each time but I still fail miserably. oh well. i'm not pro like her. here's a front view [which is blurry thanks to the boyfriend's oh so not steady hand], a side-view, and a back. enjoy!