Aug 18, 2008

been busy/ review!

i have been super dee-duper busy--having two jobs and all since i am trying to get in all the hours i can before school starts up again. i have a bunch of stuff to post about including some collective hauls and my package from aya aka irodori [who is a total sweetheart!!]. life has been busy and hectic but good :] i only have a month left before school gets back in session and that is when i will quit a job and focus on my b&n job...yup i am a total nerd when it comes to books!

anyways! on to the review!! so...last week or so i went to k-mart since they were having a BOGO free sale and i was perusing the hair aisle when i saw...

TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray!!

yup!! i have to try it!! plus it was buy 2 for $6. you can't go wrong there when they normally cost a little more than $4 i think. i have super dry hair because i abuse it horribly by curling and straightening it and whatnot. so...i've been using this like...every day!! and i totally love the results. before, when i would wash my hair, i could feel that my hair was dry and brittle [that's how bad it is!!] and after i have been using this product for more than a week or so, i can feel the difference in my hair!! when i wash it now, it's more smooth than before and doesn't feel like it my hair will break away. i can't wait to see the results in the long run!! all i do is spritz some on before i heat my hair and abuse it and yayuh! my hair feels a bit more protected than before. i recommend this to anyone who likes to abuse their hair with heating products like i do. and it's even more worth it when they have those great deals like buy 2 for $6!

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Alyssa said...

I keep seeing so many people buying the Tresemme (sp?)products. I should try these products out... hehe~ :) Thanks for telling us! :)