Jan 28, 2009

chinese new year fotd

here's the look i wore for chinese new year :]
that's me and wo-wo! she got so big :[

anyways...i wore the usual on my face: maybelline mineral power powder with maybelline mineral powder blush in soft mauve on my cheeks, highlighted with MAC lightflush [i love this stuff!].

this time i darkened my eyebrows with Anastasia Brow Powder instead of using my nyc brow pencil...i should really do an eyebrow filler in verdict... :p

on my lips i have Missha Glossy Lipstick in [PK403]. This was only $1!! I layered C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint [this was also the one i used on the last fotd].

and for the eyes!!
-I started with NYX Jumbo Pencil in Strawberry Milk, then topped that with Smashbox Celebrita Quad [the pink color in the Tokidoki release]--all of this went on my lid up till the crease of the eye socket.
-Then I put Urban Decay's Graffiti [the same bright green from last time] and put that into the crease and outter v, enhanced the outter v with UD Zero.
-Then I highlighted with the white color from the Celebrita quad.
-I used my MAC Blacktrack fluidline on upper and lower lashline and used Rimmel's Jungle Green eye pencil on my water line.
-Used my CG lashblast [which i am finally almost done with!! yay!]. Hrm...that's about it I think!!

That's it! Thanks for all the comments and love :]

Jan 26, 2009


I finally did a fotd!! yes...it includes purple but that's not the main color for once puahaha!!

Oh yeah! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! :D

So here's the look:
I don't remember what I used on my face...but I'm pretty sure it was my Maybelline Mineral Power foundation along with Milani blush in Luminous, and contoured with MAC sculpt and shape.

Eyes: I mainly used my Urban Decay Deluxe Palette, which I love because it doesn't come along with chunky glitters. Graffiti [the bright green] on the lower lid, Ransom [stunning violet purple] on the outter V, and Zero [a somewhat glittery black...small small smalllllll glitters yay!], and highlighted with MAC Sunday Best [a very sheer pink].
CG Lashblast, MAC blacktrack fluidline on top lid and on waterline.

On my lips: C.O. Bigelow menthol gloss :]

and that's it!! I love your comments!! Thanks for the loveee :]

Jan 23, 2009


okay...so even though i posted about the cosmetic lawsuit and told you ladies to snag some free makeup...i myself did not snag anything!! I took a look at the lines and walked away...they completely just wrapped around the whole building. it must be the super ghetto people in my area or something...my boyfriend's mom even snagged a couple of items but she doesn't even know what they are used for -.-''

i DID however BOOK MY HK APPOINTMENT with MAC!! WHEEE!! i booked it for friday at 10:30 A.M....the 20th...the day AFTER it comes out. i have work and school on thursdays so...better to just wait i gues...but i hope they don't sell out!! booooo...

sorry with the lack of updates...school is a bit hectic...already have midterms pshhh. anddd i'm waiting for work to calm down...it should in february. thanks for the avid readers and love you all!!

here's some MORE cue candy that we just can't get enough of :p

p.s. cue aka purikura [in japan] = japanese sticker booths that allow you to decorate the pictures. most of the booths can fit up to five people :] they are about...$10 a booth, but in Japan they are wayyy cheaper!! like...400 yen...which is about 4 USD. good thing i took a lot in Japan puahaha!

Jan 19, 2009


that's right ladies!! free makeup!! tomorrow is not only the inauguration, but a HUGE lawsuit was brought upon some high-end brands such as CLINIQUE, LANCOME, ESTEE LAUDER, AND MORE MORE MORE!! Tomorrrow you can go to a beauty counter at MACY'S, NORDSTROM'S, or the other counters listed at the site: here!! to get free makeup. I believe it is fragrance, skincare, mascara, and moisturisers. HURRY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

click HERE for the actual settlement

Jan 17, 2009


how sad...we couldn't get rid of the white box :[


trying to be cool and not look at the camera

he eats and i pose

i have a big head :[

i like my pink tights :]

these are from a couple of weeks ago but i just love cue...i'm sure you guys love it too! yay for purikura!

review of the sephora opi polishes coming soon!

Jan 13, 2009

very small haul

so i told you gals that i would show you what i bought with the little $$ i have puahaha...i just had to do it...and i'm in love...

YUP!! I got the NARS palette...and since it went on a SMALL sale for the price of $45 (>.<) I had to try it. Every lady was bragging about how the shadows are just amazing. Well...they were right...and I think I found new loves for 2009 :] Sorry Urban Decay...I think I am moving a little more up to the sophisticated shadows...all of you are just getting too glittery for me >;[

Grabbed a couple of the Sephora polishes made by OPI...hrm...review on those coming later :]
Also got a free packet of the oil wipes from some form I filled out. Yay for free stuff!

P.S. I am in the middle of my FIRST Haruki Murakami book [After Dark], and I have to say that I am quite impressed. It is definitely a page turner for me!!

P.P.S. Thank you all for the lovely comments on my entry. Yay for the first picture!!

Jan 9, 2009

pink's barbie contest

She's a good girl
With a flame inside
Her alter-ego
Wants a chance to come outside

But mommy and daddy won't allow
It's books and school
"Tsk tsk," they say.
She must follow the rules.

Her wild child side
Must stay trapped behind the mirror
Until Amanda can say
That the end is coming nearer.

She will be 21 next month
So she will run and play
'Cause mommy and daddy
Can no longer keep 'Rae'

Now 'Rae' that was once trapped
Can come to the other side
And finally say a new beginning is here
'Rae' will make sure that she will never be pushed aside.

Obviously this is for pink's crazy fun barbie contest. I thought i would do a type of good girl/bad girl look. I DO have this type of wild side suppressed since my parents are all for school and studying...and even as an almost 21 year old, I still have to be home at a certain time and what I wear is somewhat criticized. I have old fashioned grandparents and so I have to be careful of what I portray or my parents get the worst of it from them. I try to be good, but I do sometimes want to be bad... :p

Here's the magic paints used!
MAC studio fix c4
MAC sculpt and shape
MAC Light Flush
Bourjois blush mixed together: rose de jaspe and rose d'or
on my eyes:
Dior Holiday palette 2008, the 4th color, a light gray/lavender--along the upper lashline
Urban Decay Fishnet on inner corner up till mid-brow somewhat outlining my eye
UD Ransom on crease
UD Flash inner lower lashline till 3/4 out
NARS Night Flight as the outter V coming from my hairline and also lining the rest of the bottom lash
CG lashblast in black
Ardell 105 lashes
Prestige black liner to tightline and waterline
Lancome Noir Artliner upper lashline
NYX lip pencil Prune
MAC Mattene lipstick BING
Smashbox Desire on what BING did not cover

HOLY I USED A LOT!! I got that clean Night Flight line from using Scotch tape HEHE! It took a long time but it was fun :] I shall show you my small haul soon :]

Note: In the first picture, both girls are ME! My ladies, photoshop is wonderful :] Thank you baby! :]

Jan 7, 2009

more hk

oh me oh my so the pictures are out along with the color descriptions of the mac hello kitty collection. Whee!! I am just jumping for joy and since my birthday is right before it comes out...I told my boyfriend not to splurge much and just grab me a few goodies from this collection I am absolutely lemming. I love love love Hello Kitty as all of you know from previous posts and I'm not really a MAC fan [I love me my Urban Decay and Dior shadows]. This will be my first major haulage [the last time was when I purchased the fluidline, sculpting powder, and I don't remember...]. I am very excited!!

Here's my wish list :]

-I really love the lipstick design/look but I am going to need to see some swatches for these colors before I decide. I know I want at least one though!
-Lipglass in Mimmy, a light creamy pink with pink and gold pearl
- Lipglass in She Loves Candy, pale blue pink with gold pearl
-Nail lacquer in On the Prowl, a light creamy gray

Okay...so my list doesn't even seem that bad but the eye shadows don't phase me and I have enough Hello Kitty dolls as it is...I need to show you guys the top of my bunk bed...yes I have a bunk bed but that was from when my sister and I were younger and shared a room.

What are you ladies getting?

Jan 2, 2009

not so sick

it's winter and everybody is getting sick around me. i haven't fell ill to the flu or cold yet [knock on wood] and this is how i keep it like that:

HAHA i don't care if i look like those crazy fob people from taiwan!! THIS THING WORKS! Plus, all the girls in Japan wear them in winter [i've been there in the winter time and have witnessed it, plus this item is japanese!!]. Who wouldn't want to wear one of these things when it has HELLO KITTY on it?! I'm crazy I know...but at least it keeps me away from the germs flying around!

Anywho, speaking of Hello Kitty, I am peeing in my pants waiting for the MAC HK collection to come out. It comes out right after my birthday so you know I will be getting some of those play pieces. I'm not a huge fan of MAC but i LOVEEEE HELLO KITTY!

[this post was to make you girls laugh at my HK face mask ^___^;; I hope it worked!]
Have a great weekend ladies! It's the first weekend of 2009 so make it count!

Jan 1, 2009

here's to a new year!

i hope everyone had a wonder holiday season, i know i did :] i just came back from snowboarding AGAIN yesterday, we went for the day at mountain high. i must say that i like big bear's snow a lot better. i even tried to go on the ramps and those boxes; i ate snow like no other :[

ohh! and i got more piercings on my left ear. andy got piecrings too!! he looks like a jrock dude since he just got his hair cut too. pictures will be up soon. i want a tattoo really badly but i can't stand needles [i pass out], and i wouldn't even know what to get in the first place. i want my tat to have REAL meaning, something that holds dear to my heart.

anywho!! i remember i wanted to put this look up awhile ago, but i guess i just forgot all about it :p i wore it to a dinner where i met my boyfriend's older brother's fiancee and her family. i don't usually wear my hair up; it makes me look older than my boyfriend [at least i think it does]. i don't really remember what i wore except i know i remember using my urban decay ammo palette and i had victoria's secret blue/green glitter eyeliner on my lower lashline. rarr...sorry :p

in natural lighting

with flash

this year i will definitely try to post more, whether it be looks or...whatever :p i was on a roll for the past couple of months until i started working a lot more due to the holiday season, but then school is starting next week boooo. so who know what will happen :[

can't wait for what 2009 will bring me :] i turn 21 next month and will also be celebrating my one year with andy. yes...we've only been together for a year!~ we seem like we're married though, huh? i don't care. i love it :] cheers to you all!