Jan 23, 2009


okay...so even though i posted about the cosmetic lawsuit and told you ladies to snag some free makeup...i myself did not snag anything!! I took a look at the lines and walked away...they completely just wrapped around the whole building. it must be the super ghetto people in my area or something...my boyfriend's mom even snagged a couple of items but she doesn't even know what they are used for -.-''

i DID however BOOK MY HK APPOINTMENT with MAC!! WHEEE!! i booked it for friday at 10:30 A.M....the 20th...the day AFTER it comes out. i have work and school on thursdays so...better to just wait i gues...but i hope they don't sell out!! booooo...

sorry with the lack of updates...school is a bit hectic...already have midterms pshhh. anddd i'm waiting for work to calm down...it should in february. thanks for the avid readers and love you all!!

here's some MORE cue candy that we just can't get enough of :p

p.s. cue aka purikura [in japan] = japanese sticker booths that allow you to decorate the pictures. most of the booths can fit up to five people :] they are about...$10 a booth, but in Japan they are wayyy cheaper!! like...400 yen...which is about 4 USD. good thing i took a lot in Japan puahaha!


wuzzyangel said...

You and Andy are always so damn adorable!!

I didn't get anything either. My ass was too lazy to drive to Macy's which is a decent distance away from me!! LOL!!

WOW your HK comes out on the 20th? The event I signed up for is Feb 3. But I heard that some peoples events are like Jan29. Does anyone really know what the official release date is? Cuz I'm hearin so many different things!! LOL!

Glow Chaser said...

You two are the cutest couple on blogger!!

I have never bought a MAC makeup item in my life but I think that's about to change!

fuzkittie said...

Aww so cute~ I love photo stickers!

Kimberly Tia said...


Dont feel bad amanda -- i didnt' score any makeup freebies either - I went, thinking yesssss time to rake in some goodies... saw the line, and was like "efff this -- NOT in THESE shoes... and not for 30+ minutes" -- call me impatient but GRRRRR

and I'm excited for you 10:30 HK, I'll come stalk you, W.Covina mall??!? puwahhahahha oh wait sorry "WESTFIELD SHOPPING CENTER"

have a happy new year dear!

paperdollrevenge said...

OMG those are wayyyyyyyyyy too cute! I love Cue's...I've always wanted to drag a cute boy with me to take pics there, hehe, that's so awesome that Andy does that stuff with you!

You should call your MAC store to see if they're having a pre-sale event. They have one near me...I don't know if this applies to the outside MACs or department store MACs but check anyways!

I think the Costa Mesa Kinokuniya has more books and stationary and cheaper prices for mags than the Little Tokyo, BUT the Little Tokyo one had more women's mags. So I think Mitsuwa Sanseido owns over all the Japanese places I've been too for mags, selection + pricewise combined!

I finished After Dark! I really liked it, it's so relate-able, BUT it's not his best work. Maybe you should try reading one of his short story collections to see if you like his style, before you read his longer works like A Wild Sheep Chase + Dance Dance Dance and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and Kafka On The Shore (I think all those are great). =P

Happy New Year, sweetie!!

M said...

yay for your HK appointment!

ok i didn't think you two can get any cuter but you just proved me wrong :P

Anonymous said...

haha - I love purikura!!!! Yes it is MUCH cheaper in Japan! Some places are only 300 yen.. but most are around 400 or so.. I used to take them everytime my friends came to visit.. I love how sometimes you can even send it to your cell phone! =)

supervillain said...

You're so cute. You remind me of my baby sister. I didn't get any freebies. I'm not a fan of lines. I'd actually pay more for a product to avoid a line. Happy Lunar New Year! xoxo

gloriababycc said...

Cute pictures!!! And yes thank you for ur blog i also went to the mall, saw the line and turned back around lol. its cool... i dont really use the products on the list, but i love most of the brands. making an appt for the HK products was a good idea!! i hope u have fun... i alrdy told my bf to save all his $$$$ for february hahahahha <3

Aya said...

Such cute purikura's! Hopefully I'll date someone someday who won't mind taking them ;)

Thank you for the kind words you left on my last post. Hopefully there is something much better out there for me...I can't wait to move my ass outta Japan!!!

P.S. your hurrr is super-cute, shorter is the way to go!