Jan 7, 2009

more hk

oh me oh my so the pictures are out along with the color descriptions of the mac hello kitty collection. Whee!! I am just jumping for joy and since my birthday is right before it comes out...I told my boyfriend not to splurge much and just grab me a few goodies from this collection I am absolutely lemming. I love love love Hello Kitty as all of you know from previous posts and I'm not really a MAC fan [I love me my Urban Decay and Dior shadows]. This will be my first major haulage [the last time was when I purchased the fluidline, sculpting powder, and I don't remember...]. I am very excited!!

Here's my wish list :]

-I really love the lipstick design/look but I am going to need to see some swatches for these colors before I decide. I know I want at least one though!
-Lipglass in Mimmy, a light creamy pink with pink and gold pearl
- Lipglass in She Loves Candy, pale blue pink with gold pearl
-Nail lacquer in On the Prowl, a light creamy gray

Okay...so my list doesn't even seem that bad but the eye shadows don't phase me and I have enough Hello Kitty dolls as it is...I need to show you guys the top of my bunk bed...yes I have a bunk bed but that was from when my sister and I were younger and shared a room.

What are you ladies getting?


wuzzyangel said...


Everyone's waiting!! Making deals with their SOs!! Hahah!!

I want the Traincase, Makeup bag, Brushes, and at least one lippie, one gloss, and maybe.... THE DOLL!!

M said...

i want a leather kitty :P

Kimberly Tia said...

Gahhhhhhhhhhh everywhere i go HK! HK!

I'm trying to fight off the urge to get her, but seeing a gagillion +1 blogs with sneak peeks is KILLLLING me, and probably kill my bank acct more.

I'm such a geek that I just want the brush holder... puwahhaha and some lipglosses. *sigh*

word verify: proppa

it's PROPPA rofl...