Jan 2, 2009

not so sick

it's winter and everybody is getting sick around me. i haven't fell ill to the flu or cold yet [knock on wood] and this is how i keep it like that:

HAHA i don't care if i look like those crazy fob people from taiwan!! THIS THING WORKS! Plus, all the girls in Japan wear them in winter [i've been there in the winter time and have witnessed it, plus this item is japanese!!]. Who wouldn't want to wear one of these things when it has HELLO KITTY on it?! I'm crazy I know...but at least it keeps me away from the germs flying around!

Anywho, speaking of Hello Kitty, I am peeing in my pants waiting for the MAC HK collection to come out. It comes out right after my birthday so you know I will be getting some of those play pieces. I'm not a huge fan of MAC but i LOVEEEE HELLO KITTY!

[this post was to make you girls laugh at my HK face mask ^___^;; I hope it worked!]
Have a great weekend ladies! It's the first weekend of 2009 so make it count!


wuzzyangel said...

It did!! You're too cute girl! haha!! I know about the HK MAC! I'm saving my xmas gift cards to MAC & Macy's for it!! LOL!!

gloriababycc said...

hehee.. hooray 3 hello kitty!!! <3

fuzkittie said...

That's cute! Haha, yea Mr. H was really confused by all the mask wearing girls in Taiwan! xD

Kimberly Tia said...

Darn it!

Where was this HK mask before my arse got sick ON New Year's Eve!!!
I could of survived!!!

But I must say, you look DARN CUTE with it on!!!

i hope you get some of the MAC HK line for your bday - I'll live vicariously thru you, because after that heavy artillery traincase....

no more for this girl, gotta take heed to my resolution, and ease up on the $$$ for cosmetics!

paperdollrevenge said...

Oh my gosh, sooooo cute! Where did you get it from? haha I want one! I want a whole stash for the next time I travel to Asia, hehe, super kawaii!

And I'm excited for the MAC HK collection too!! I'm happy it's right after your birthday, I hope you'll get spoiled with plenty of Hello Kitty in your life! =)

Ahleessa said...

Happy belated New Year!!! I hope you don't get sick *knock on wood*. I've been lucky this holiday season so far. :X

MiuMiu said...

you look so cute! the mac collection looks quite interesting, but the colors are a bit too pigmented for my taste XD
a lot of koreans do the same thing with the masks, although i think they mainly use it to block any chilly wind from their faces.

Anonymous said...

Haha.. awesome! I have one, too! When I first moved here - I thought Japanese people wore them because they were scared of germs from others.. then later I found out it was because they didn't want to pass their germs onto others. Of course - they are so polite!