Feb 28, 2009

cs brushes review [after a week of usage]

I did a review on the cs brushes after washing them [click here], and i wanted to let you beauty bloggers know the status of their usage. Here's a review after a week of using them and this is just totally my opinion. I don't know if I got a bad brush [you can tell from what I will write below] or what. If you have any other questions just leave me a comment. On to the review!

The Silver Duo Fiber Stippling Brush $7.95--

This brush, aside from washing, was actually pretty good to my surprise. I was so upset after washing it since it shed so much, but as using it with my liquid foundation, it shed maybe three hairs at most. It was incredibly soft and gave the great airbrush look finish to my face. I only used it for my liquid foundation but I'm sure it would be great for cream blushes and such.
This product gets a 4/5 kaos just for usage!!
But for washing it gets 1/5 :[

Flat Mineral Bronzer Buffer Large $4.25--

OH MY GOODNESS THIS BRUSH. It was just a total let down in my opinion. I washed it about three more times and finally get a neutral scent after using TOOTHPASTE to wash it. Yes...toothpaste!! I was desperate!! I don't even care if it's good for the brush or not...it smelled THAT bad. Anyways...after using it...it just shed even more on my face!! It was pure annoyance. I used it maybe...two times after that and couldn't take it anymore. Coverage was decent but...the shedding even after washing it THREE TIMES made it worse.
This brush just gets a 1/1 overall.

Italian Badger Angle Brush $6.99--
This brush was absolute love. At first I thought it was a bit small, but it ended up being the perfect size for my cheeks. It allowed more control for me and was very soft on my skin. No breakouts occurred whatsoever. I highly recommend this brush.
This brush gets a 5/5

Italian Badger Blender $2.95--
This brush was my most favorite out of the four. It didn't give me any problems during washing and this brush is just...amazing. The price is unbeatable and the quality is even better. It is VERY VERY VERY soft and blends wonders. I love this brush and saw myself using it often compared to my Sonia Kashuk blending brush. PURE PURE LOVE!!
This brush gets a 10/5...yes it's that amazing!

I hope this helps you ladies!! Sorry I didn't buy more to review. It was my very first CS haul and I wanted to just try them out. The shipping was fast for even the cheapest one and I even got a pigment sample. How nice!

I always wanted to thank you ladies for all of the wonderful comments you left me!! I would have loved to show you the "full" picture but ahem ahem. I don't think I will bare all just yet *blushes. This pictures made me want to model for Victoria's Secret PINK line or something though. Who wouldn't want to model on a bed with nice white sheets?! ;D But thank you really!! I really do enjoy being Andy's model while he plays around with his camera :p

He has an xsi/450d dslr whatever that means for those of you who wanted to know :] Bye for now!

P.S. He says he wants a 50d [again...whatever that means]. If anyone has any hookups with discounts anywhere let me know!! :]

Feb 27, 2009

looks i wore for sd

Here is one of the looks I wore for San Diego. I only brought my Dior Holiday Palette 2008 since I wanted to pack light. I had on the gray and dark green shadows on my eyes along with the cream color as the high-light.

Here's a good picture with me wearing my LAVENDER WHIP!! It is pure love...

I think for this picture that Andy took of me I put HK Sweet Strawberry on top of Lavender Whip.

I also wore my Makeup Forever Aqua OL liner...this stuff was really creamy on my eyes...but it stayed!! I'll have to compare it to my NYX waterproof liner for you gals. :]

I love the dark green mixed with the sparkly gray...

And this picture is just for kicks. I think it came out pretty cool with me blurred in the background. I wish my skin looked this light every day :[

We have matching promise rings :]

Feb 25, 2009

san diego

As I was saying before, I just got back from San Diego on Sunday. Andy and I went for the weekend for our one year [I am totally going to marry him ^__^], and the weather was great! It was nice during the day, got a bit chilly at night, but that's what the two of us were there for...cuddling in the cold along the San Diego shore, admiring the sites. I thought I would indulge you with his photography :]

*click to enlarge pictures

This was the view from the Hyatt Hotel by Seaport Village. Very pretty sunset :]

A big boat...

Lots of water...

On the shore of Seaport Village. They have this little cookie stand...those cookies are the best.

At Point Loma...one of the few shores that we have that has a light house!! That's me!

Me again trying to look cool with my stunna shades.

This is the Coronado Bay Bridge that leads to the Hotel de la Coronado or something. All the rich folks go to this resort...rooms start at $259 a night. More than 200 people have jumped this bridge to suicide...they even had suicide hotline signs along the bridge!!

This is Seal Rock in La Jolla, another ritzy part of San Diego. There's always a bunch of seals here. They're so fun to watch!

This is a baby seal with...I have no idea what that is...a penis? I guess he was happy that everyone was taking pictures of him.

This is me freezing cold and whining. I'm sporting my Most Popular HELLO KITTY LIPPIE THOUGH! Love!! I think I had Sweet Strawberry Lipglass on top :]

I hope all of you enjoyed!! Oh yeah, I went to the CCO down by the boarder and they had nothing I wanted. Boo hoo! :[

Feb 23, 2009


Of course Dior has a new line out for spring and since I'm hooked on their shadows thanks to the holiday palette and i am hooked to the lippies thanks to fuz i want!! This is the Parisian Lights palette which I am ABSOLUTELY getting!!

I will probably get Satin Pink [the gloss] and Couture Pink [lippie]. Both are adorable pinks!

I just got back from San Diego. I went for the weekend with Andy for our one year :] Pictures will be posted shortly.

P.S. I wore Lavender Whip in SD and OMGOSH! It IS SO PRETTY!! I didn't think I could pull it off but it is just...so pretty :] I might have to go buy me a back-up just in case :]

Feb 18, 2009

CS brushes review [after washing]

My say on Lavender Whip will be coming shortly. Yes, I did haul it...it's so pretty I don't even want to use it yet :[

On to my review!!
This is based on after I washed them. Haven't used them YET, but that review will be coming a bit later. I just got my Coastal Scents order the other day and washed them tonight. I needed a few more brushes and I thought that maybe I should give these brushes a try. I'm not ready to dish out the big bucks for MAC brushes...not yet at least. I really wanted to try a stippling brush and so that was first on my list.

The Silver Duo Fiber Stippling Brush $7.95--
It came in a pink handle too I believe, but I went with the boring black handle :p
+It didn't have a weird smell so that's good.
- It did however SHED A LOT as I washed it. It had maybe 20-30 hairs fall out. I thought I was going to end up with no hair by the end of its washing!!
+ It is very soft.

Flat Mineral Bronzer Buffer Large $4.25--

+ Sleek black handle.

+ Heavy duty and very soft.

+ Did not shed!! Okay maybe three hairs, but nothing compared to the stippling brush. Yay!

- FUNKY FUNKY FUNKY SMELL! My goodness...this brush had a weird smell to it as I was washing it. I kept smelling it to see if it would go away but it just overpowered the bristles. Yuck!!
- I tried to wash it a SECOND time and it STILL REEKS!

Italian Badger Angle Brush $6.99--
+ Sleek brown wood handle.

+ Did NOT SHED...at all!

+ Very soft.

- The size however was a bit small for me, especially for the price. I think my essence of beauty angle blush brush is about the same size and cheaper.

Italian Badger Blender $2.95--
+Great price!

+ Did NOT SHED...at all!

+ Very soft; softer than my sonia kashuk blending brush.

+ The size is perfect for blending in the crease.

So far for the prices and quality while washing these brushes, I like the Italian Badger Blender the best. As for quality, we have yet to see!! I'll probably try these out for a week or two and then write a review on their performance. So stay tuned!!

P.S. I got my 4 inch heels from ALDO! They were on sale for about $50? I walk in them all night and survive because of those squishy inserts. They HELP a LOT!! With those squishy things my feet would be DYING! I love them oh so much :]

Feb 17, 2009

FINALLY!! [haul]

WHOO HOO!! FINALLY!! I know you gals have been like...dang where is Amanda? Well!! I was waiting to post my HK MAC HAUL!! It took forever to get here since I pre-ordered from Nordstrom which is a GREAT thing I did because I went to my stupid little mall and they are pretty much sold out of everything ALREADY!! They received their shipment Tuesday I believe. WHEEE!!

The long-awaited package:

The stuffs:

The list:

The goods:

I stuck with the lip stuff mainly and the funky gray polish. It's so different!! These are my FIRST lip glasses!! AHH!!

I also hauled my first Coastal Scents order. I got the Flat Mineral Bronzer Buffer -Large, Italian Badger Angle Blush Brush, Italian Badger Blender, and Silver Duo Fiber Stippling Brush. I have yet to try these babies out, but they are INCREDIBLY SOFT!! I even got a free pigment sample :]

As I was saying earlier, I went to my MAC store, and since everyone was saying that
LAVENDER WHIP is AMAZING, I had to see for myself. I was really scared that they weren't going to have it since online it is SOLD OUT!! The MUA said that a lot of people in this area don't wear purples, but she said the color is GORGEOUS!! The MUA was so fun to talk to, and she even got her boyfriend a job at the shipment center in Santa Monica. UHH HOW COOL IS THAT?! She said that he gets to set aside stuff for her. Gosh!! Lucky gal.

Anywho...posts will come as soon as Accounting gets better. I hate that class :[

P.S. I hope all of you lovely ladies had a GREAT VALENTINE'S DAY! Of course we were cue whores. So I leave you with some pictures :]

Feb 6, 2009

sephora haul

since it was my birthday i decided to get myself some goodies hehehehe...

i ended up getting:
-sephora trio gloss for my birthday
-some samples...
- Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 deluxe sample
- Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes 0L [fuz inspired me!!]
- Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect Trenchcoat Beige [again fuz...her dior glosses look so fun!]
- Hershey's Chocolate Lip Balm [on10]
- Hershey's Almond Lip Balm [on10] *these were on sale for $5!! they smell so good!!

wheee! my first dior gloss!! and i am in LOVE!! It's such a pretty pinky nude as you can see in the pictures. It's like...THE perfect nude for my lips ;D It glides on so smoothly and I really do prefer brush tip applicator opposed to the doe foot thing... :p

no flash

with flash

Okay...so I've been hearing mixed things about the HK collection!! Ahh! I'm going to call tomorrow to see if I can preorder...I don't want it to sell out...yeah it would be great to have my makeup done at the appointment but what would be the purpose if there's nothing left to buy? I have to ask the lady again...grrr...but if I CAN preorder, for sure I am getting Most Popular, Nice Kitty, Mimmy, Sweet Strawberry, and the gray polish On the Prowl!!

Feb 4, 2009


finally i'm 21!! turned 21 monday...groundhog's day lol. got a haircut...so short T_T

there's me with my first legal cocktail...yum. we went to bj's pizza/beer place..the drinks were yummy but too bad i couldn't get messed up cuz i had stupid class at 8am the next day...i look very happy...

i did a simple look with my dior holiday palette...yum i love those shadows! don't remember what i used exactly...for sure the violet, the sparkly gray, and the light gray...then the cream color for highlight.

i also hauled from sephora...just a small one!! it should be here tomorrow :]

i'm so jealous of everyone that already got to haul from the hk collection!! there better be stuff left for me to buy! grr!