Feb 25, 2009

san diego

As I was saying before, I just got back from San Diego on Sunday. Andy and I went for the weekend for our one year [I am totally going to marry him ^__^], and the weather was great! It was nice during the day, got a bit chilly at night, but that's what the two of us were there for...cuddling in the cold along the San Diego shore, admiring the sites. I thought I would indulge you with his photography :]

*click to enlarge pictures

This was the view from the Hyatt Hotel by Seaport Village. Very pretty sunset :]

A big boat...

Lots of water...

On the shore of Seaport Village. They have this little cookie stand...those cookies are the best.

At Point Loma...one of the few shores that we have that has a light house!! That's me!

Me again trying to look cool with my stunna shades.

This is the Coronado Bay Bridge that leads to the Hotel de la Coronado or something. All the rich folks go to this resort...rooms start at $259 a night. More than 200 people have jumped this bridge to suicide...they even had suicide hotline signs along the bridge!!

This is Seal Rock in La Jolla, another ritzy part of San Diego. There's always a bunch of seals here. They're so fun to watch!

This is a baby seal with...I have no idea what that is...a penis? I guess he was happy that everyone was taking pictures of him.

This is me freezing cold and whining. I'm sporting my Most Popular HELLO KITTY LIPPIE THOUGH! Love!! I think I had Sweet Strawberry Lipglass on top :]

I hope all of you enjoyed!! Oh yeah, I went to the CCO down by the boarder and they had nothing I wanted. Boo hoo! :[


wuzzyangel said...

Wow! Those are great pictures!! I mean really great!! And that beautiful girl in two of them... Even prettier!!

I'm glad you guys had fun! Congrats again on the one year!!

LOL @ the seal!! Cute yet slightly disturbing!! O_o

M said...

omg those pictures are fab! i love how soft it looks.

puahahah i can't stop laughing at the seal

Ahleessa said...

I miss San Diego *sigh*. It looks like you had a blast... hehe~

fuzkittie said...

AHAHAHAAHAA a seal penis?! I was also trying to figure out what that is... xD

But the other photos are all very pretty!! hehe! I looved SD when I went there! :]

xppinkx said...

hey babe!!!

ahahahahhah ok i have to mention of the pervy seal flashing you!!!! he seems really chill cuz um he's a bit limp..hw is like weeeeeeeeeee look at mee and all my pinky glory!!!!

i lovethe pic of you in the red coat and the waves in the back...gorgeous...

Chiara said...

You guys took some REALLY nice pictures! The seal looks "happy" to see you haha!

Jaimie said...

You're a very good photographer, those pictures are amazing! That baby seal is so cute!!

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