Nov 27, 2008

more purples

okay gals, obviously purples are my favorite to play with and that's a good thing because i have TONS of purples to play with! my lighting is a bit off but ehh...close enough! i don't care if my eyes and lips have two bold colors. i have thin lips and small eyes and so...they need to stand out! plus, i wear my nerdy purple escada glasses to class and wearing glasses hides your eyes more! anyways...on with the look. enjoy!

i have my usual maybelline mineral powder on and power blush in gentle pink [why my neck looks weird in the picture...i have no idea!!]

primed with NYX jumbo pencil in oyster
urban decay grifter all over lower half of lid
ud flash on outter corner
ud last call on outter v
mac sunday best as highlight [ i love this color as a highlight even though it's a very light pink]
stupid lashblast that doesn't work for me
mac blacktrack fluidline

[yes i love me my urban decay shadows]

on my lips i have mac viva glam I and elf ruby kiss [or something...that dual gloss]

ANDDDD my small sephora haul. as i said...i'm trying to save for my snowboard!!

the goods: some samples...a perfume, a cologne for my babies, and anastasia brow stuff [i have yet to try this because i love me my NYC brow pencil]. roll on stella by stella mccartney. she smells GOOOOOD! i love it because it's so convenient to carry in the pursie. andddd!!!

the dior holiday palette. this is my VERY FIRST DIOR PALETTE!! and i'm in loveeeeee!!! i think i'm just getting irritated by the glitteryness of the ud shadows that it's not spring/summer...i'm trying to stay away from the more flashy colors anyways. i love these dior shadows though...their so soft and the colors are amazingggg!! i WAS going to indulge in the urban decay box of shadows but...i'm over the glitter for now.

aren't the colors preeeeeety?!?! love these colors!! ;D

well...sorry for the lack of updates ladies but i promise...after these next couple of weeks [after finals and such] i will blog more more more!! i will do some more looks with all my makeup that i barely play with and...YEEEEP!! i still have yet to post my prize swag from the lolita contest. eek!

p.s. happy gobble gobble day and don't go too crazy shopping for black friday sales. be safe!

[Wo-wo in our bucket of candy from halloween HEHEHE!]

Nov 21, 2008

hello kitty for mac!!

oh my lovelies!! i'm sure you all have seen the articles and the two pictures of the hello kitty for mac collection, so i won't repost any of that. i love love love hello kitty and you know i am going to snag a few tokens of love from this collection for sure!!

but i need to save money!!! so...i've made a deal with makeup for a lonnnnng time [with the hello kitty mac collection as an exception, my boyfriend also agrees] because i am going to SKIDAZZLE!!!! It's a snow sport convention where they sell winter snow gear for CHEAP because it's last season...but gosh...i am going to get my very own snowboard and who knows what else :p That will be a very big haul, hence why i will be skipping on beauty products for a while. Good thing my birthday is in February!! Hrm...just in time for the Hello Kitty collection ;] ;]

anywho...i'm off to work so i can save up for the things i want to buy :p

i will post my prize swag from the lolita contest [yay!! third place!! congratts to the other two lovely ladies! fuz you're so cute!] and...a couple of pictures from my very oh so small sephora haul. yep!

Nov 19, 2008


so i finally got around to playing with my urban decay sustainable box from the contest i won earlier from abby. the colors are amazing [as always from ud], but the only thing i highly dislike is the glitter fallout. i had to use tape to get it off my skin and still...the glitter was everywhere. for some reason the glitter gets everywhere for these colors and we all know that ud has eyeshadow boxes that come with some glittery colors, but for some reason the glitter fallout is just really bad on this box. maybe it's just mine... but anyways!! here's a look i did with the browns :]

On my eyes I have [all from the sustainable box unless noted]:
Half Baked inner corner and half of lower lid
Midnight Cowboy Rides Again in crease
Twice Baked on outter corner and lower lash line
MAC Sunday Best as highlight
Motive Gel Liner in Little Black Dress
CG Last Blast

I have yet to play with the other colors, but those will be coming up soon!!

P.S. I will share my prize swag I got from Ms. Tia for the Gothic Lolita contest that I entered with my boyfriend, Andy. :D


Nov 14, 2008

fuz contest--outfits

I used a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a simple thin white tank top [the back has an intricate design, too bad we can't see it in the outfits >.<], a cardigan, a blazer, and a pair of black shorts.

The first outfit: skinny jeans, tank top, and cardigan accessorized with a pair of black chunky heeled boots that scrunch and a black velor Juicy Couture bag. I would wear something like this on a regular basis since it is getting cold out. The boots keep my legs warm and the I think the large bag gives the outfit a nice touch.

The second: black shorts, white tank top under the cardigan and the blazer on top with sleeves folded up. I accessorized the outfit with over the knee black socks that have a design, black Charles David heels [they add about 2.75-3 inches in height but these heels are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn!! I lasted through a Justin Timberlake screaming and jumping around most of the time and my feet did not hurt at all at the end of the night! I got these for $70 when they are originally priced at $149!! Such a steal!]. I'm holding a silver Juicy Couture clutch. This outfit is something I would wear to go out with my boyfriend and our friends at a restaurant. If I wore black tights instead, I would wear this outfit to an office job or something.

The third: black shorts and tank top accessorized with matching fcuk scarf and knit hat, black shiny patent leather belt, patent leather betsey johnson bag, black over the knee socks and black flat over the knee boots that can scunch down. This is another casual outfit that I would probably wear to go shopping or have lunch with a girlfriend. Something simple yet played up with accessories.

I like to mix and match my clothes. I'll wear some expensive brands and also the bargain brands depending on what the pieces are. If they're a pair of jeans...I need to spend a little more money just because jeans are horrible to fit on me!! Before, I had chunky thighs because I played badminton in high school, but now I've slimmed down a lot and lost that muscle so now I can't even find adult jeans to wear!! Those R&R jeans don't fit and neither do 7 for all mankind...UGH!! I'm short and thin and it's just really hard :[ On top of that, I just lost even more weight because of my fairly new job arg!! There is a lot of walking involved at B&N believe it or not!

Along with my accessories, I like to spend a good amount of money on my dad got me the Betsey Johnson bag and the FCUK scarf and matching hat [he's in retail and always knows what is going to come out as the new big trends for the season so especially in high school, I was the "walking billboard" HAH! I love my friends!]. I loveee Juicy Couture!! I have three purses and a clutch [which two of my really great friends got me as a birthday present]. I have those fashion forward bags too that I get for a great deal at Forever21 too!! I told you guys I like to mix and match!! :]

Nov 12, 2008

dry skin

It is getting chilly again!! Yes, SoCal is late on the chilly weather...but my skin is definitely feeling it! My face is dry after I wash it, so every night before I sleep, I throw some thick Nivea Cream on my face. The great thing about this stuff, is that I only have to put it on before I sleep maybe two nights in a row and my skin is back to its normal dry patches or anything! It does leave my skin a bit greasy, but it sets in and I don't break out from it or anything. This stuff is gooooood.

Before I put on my makeup I use Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I've been using the stuff for the past two years or so and I love it! I even have the mini to carry in my purse :]

Nov 9, 2008


I woke up late for my first class last week and so I thought since I was already late...I might as well take my sweet time to do a look and take some pictures heh :p I really don't remember what I used exactly...I know I used my Urban Decay Ammo Box and the Deluxe Box. I have the Sustainable Box now too thanks to Abby!

On my lips I have NYX round lippie in Tea Rose with Clinique Air Kiss Gloss on top :]

I really don't like my CG just doesn't do it for me. I miss my Clinique mascara...I really want to try Rimmel's Glam Eyes just because the packaging is so cute with the pink crown and all. I WILL use up all of my Lashblast though just because I don't want to waste it :p

P.S. I'm wearing the earrings that Aya sent me! ^__^;;


Nov 7, 2008

How we do every day...goth lolita

Okay so maybe we don't go out like this every day but if you knew my boyfriend, he knows JROCK and Gothlic Lolita and all that crazy Japanese morbid style better than anyone!! He loves those Visual Kei bands if anyone knows what I mean. He took me to see this band called Ayabie and they look like chicks if you ask me...their skin is flawless!

Obviously this is a contest entry for the lovely Kim Tia. She has a great contest going on, and I absolutely adore all contests! They really motivate gals to go play with all the makeup they have, and i know you ladies have A LOT!

I really loved these two pictures of gothic lolita couples

So this is: Amandy [Amanda and Andy ^___^;;]

On my face I used:
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Missha Real Fluid Foundation [Cool 5]
Set with BE Mineral Veil
Maybelline Mineral Power in Soft Mauve on cheeks
MAC Light Flush as contouring highlight
On my eyes:
L'oreal De-Crease as base
MAC Royal Assets Warm Eyes Retrospect on inner corner
UD Ransom on outter corner
UD Zero in outter V-Crease
MAC Royal Assets Warm Eyes Sunday Best as highlight
lined with Motives Gel Liner in Little Black Dress
waterline lined with Prestige Eyeliner in Black and set with NYX matte black shadow
Maybelline Lashblast
On my lips:
NYX Prune lipliner as base
MAC Mattene Lipstick in Bing
Glossed over with Clinique Air Kiss

On my boyfriend:
His face just had Missha Real Fluid Foundation [Cool 5], I lined his eyes with Motives Little Black Dress Gel Liner and then darkened with NYX mate black shadow, and made his lips glossy with Clinique Air Kiss since he already has the perfect pinkish lips ^___^

I really do adore my boyfriend for being such a great sport and letting me put makeup on him. He's simply the best when it comes to doing things for me ^___^;; I am verrrrryy lucky :]

Thanks for giving us this challenge!

Nov 3, 2008

my goodies!

On Friday I came home to this!!

Yep! That's my package from the lovely Abby ^__^!!

She was so generous with the prizes!! These are the prizes that I won from her Halloween contest; I did a Marie Antoinette look with lots of white eye shadow packed onto my face to create that PALE look! She included my Emanuel Ungaro shadow in Mineral, Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box [I was going to buy this when the Sephora FF Sale went on but thanks to the bella I can splurge on some other goodies!], Coral Lips Palette from the new holiday collection!!, face wipes, and a lovely red lippie that smells good! along with some Givenchy perfume samples. What a doll to include all of these prizes! I can't wait to do some new looks with these goodies!