Nov 27, 2008

more purples

okay gals, obviously purples are my favorite to play with and that's a good thing because i have TONS of purples to play with! my lighting is a bit off but ehh...close enough! i don't care if my eyes and lips have two bold colors. i have thin lips and small eyes and so...they need to stand out! plus, i wear my nerdy purple escada glasses to class and wearing glasses hides your eyes more! anyways...on with the look. enjoy!

i have my usual maybelline mineral powder on and power blush in gentle pink [why my neck looks weird in the picture...i have no idea!!]

primed with NYX jumbo pencil in oyster
urban decay grifter all over lower half of lid
ud flash on outter corner
ud last call on outter v
mac sunday best as highlight [ i love this color as a highlight even though it's a very light pink]
stupid lashblast that doesn't work for me
mac blacktrack fluidline

[yes i love me my urban decay shadows]

on my lips i have mac viva glam I and elf ruby kiss [or something...that dual gloss]

ANDDDD my small sephora haul. as i said...i'm trying to save for my snowboard!!

the goods: some samples...a perfume, a cologne for my babies, and anastasia brow stuff [i have yet to try this because i love me my NYC brow pencil]. roll on stella by stella mccartney. she smells GOOOOOD! i love it because it's so convenient to carry in the pursie. andddd!!!

the dior holiday palette. this is my VERY FIRST DIOR PALETTE!! and i'm in loveeeeee!!! i think i'm just getting irritated by the glitteryness of the ud shadows that it's not spring/summer...i'm trying to stay away from the more flashy colors anyways. i love these dior shadows though...their so soft and the colors are amazingggg!! i WAS going to indulge in the urban decay box of shadows but...i'm over the glitter for now.

aren't the colors preeeeeety?!?! love these colors!! ;D

well...sorry for the lack of updates ladies but i promise...after these next couple of weeks [after finals and such] i will blog more more more!! i will do some more looks with all my makeup that i barely play with and...YEEEEP!! i still have yet to post my prize swag from the lolita contest. eek!

p.s. happy gobble gobble day and don't go too crazy shopping for black friday sales. be safe!

[Wo-wo in our bucket of candy from halloween HEHEHE!]


wuzzyangel said...

Purples look good on you!! I think I like this one better then the last purple ya did!!

Nice little haul there... I <3 Ja'dore!!

And cuuuute your doggie!

paperdollrevenge said...

So cute! Purple looks great on you & that Dior palette is so pretty!

You're right, glasses do hide your eyes more...I remember when I used to wear glasses all the time, & people would see my pics online without glasses & always say "You look so different!"

Hey I forgot where in Cali you are, but are you going to Pink's pow wow? I hope so! & if you do, you should bring the bf and any cute guy friends he has, haha! I don't want to be the only single gal there. :P

gloriafatboy said...

Woa.. that is a bangin hot Dior palette!! Ur doggy pic is so cute!! lol Happy Holidays <3

Kimberly Tia said...

gassssp i was lemming that DIOR palette, it's sooo SEXY!!! lucky you girl!!

and you are workin' them purples overtime - ok that's it i'm going to your house im going to raid your candy jar, tell wo-wo to move over..^_^

Vanessa said...

Hi gorgeous! I haven't had a chance to say THANK YOU for the Jane eyeliner! I got it a few weeks ago and kept forgetting to tell you thanks! You are so sweet! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope all is well!

Glow Chaser said...

mmmmm Candy jar!

Purple does suit you! I want to try purple BUT am scared that I will look like I have been in a fight!

I love Dior!