Nov 9, 2008


I woke up late for my first class last week and so I thought since I was already late...I might as well take my sweet time to do a look and take some pictures heh :p I really don't remember what I used exactly...I know I used my Urban Decay Ammo Box and the Deluxe Box. I have the Sustainable Box now too thanks to Abby!

On my lips I have NYX round lippie in Tea Rose with Clinique Air Kiss Gloss on top :]

I really don't like my CG just doesn't do it for me. I miss my Clinique mascara...I really want to try Rimmel's Glam Eyes just because the packaging is so cute with the pink crown and all. I WILL use up all of my Lashblast though just because I don't want to waste it :p

P.S. I'm wearing the earrings that Aya sent me! ^__^;;



wuzzyangel said...

Pretty purples!! I love my Rimmel Glam Eyes!! I did a review on it on my blog a while back. It doesn't do everything it claims, but I love it for an everyday mascara. Sucker doesn't clump either!!! Clinique's Air Kiss used to be the only gloss I used to have, it goes with anything.

Kimberly Tia said...

Oooo purple are lurvely on YOU mama and I love you in low slung pigtails!!! kayooot, I always rock my hair that when it it's "bad hair day" ahhahah....

you and your bf, you're the envy of blogger world atm!!!
and we gotta meet up with you one day at Marukai!! me, you and diana!!!

xphoebelinax said...

ive always wanted to do a purple look but i haven't been able to find a shade of purple that i liked! :(

ahbeeedotcom said...

the purple looks super subtle i love it

xphoebelinax said...

we don't have urban decay here :( but im actually looking for a really vibrant purple, like a purple purple... and i just can't seem to find it! :( i may have to buy the 120 palette or something (that's just my excuse, i've been wanting it for ages HAHA!)

miemiemie said...

ooh love this look on you,purples look good on anyone in my opinion :)

erika said...

youre so cute! love the makeup. i wish i was good at makeup.. would love some tips!!!!!!! and trade links?


paperdollrevenge said...

You look so cute! And those are all great color choices for the look, purple is indeed very pretty on you!

And aww, Tia's right, you and your bf are the envy of blogger world! And that would be so cute if we ever meet up one day...because not only do we love makeup, we also love taking pictures! ^_^V