Jun 30, 2009

beach with wo-wo!

these pictures were taken last week or so. we took wo-wo to the beach for the first time...to a doggy beach at huntington beach. it's a really great spot. all the dogs are friendly and they just run around playing with each other!! it was so cute!! too bad wo-wo hated the beach though...she didn't dare get in the water...we kinda had to force her...she did like running along the shore chasing me and andy lol. but when i would go sit on my towel, she just followed me and sat next to me on the towel...spoiled dog.

there she is being lazy.
she drinks bottled water...all the time...even at home.
she didn't like the sun much :p

Jun 29, 2009

Advice please!!

Okay...I don't know why this urge kicked in NOW...when it's summer and all...I should have started this back in the winter rarr...but I am lemming A LOT of LANEIGE products!!

For sure I want the Star white emulsion and Star white cream bottles...to lighten my skin and help prevent me from getting tanned more...I tan so easily!!

So...should I wait till summer passes? OR if I get the two now, will it help whiten AT ALL??

Wait...or just buy now? :[

Which choice would be more effective?!

I am also DYING to get their sliding powder pact...I don't need too much coverage and I read that it gives a very natural finish which is great in my opinion...and I really want to try their Secret of Snow Crystal Snow Radiant Blusher...they look very much like MAC MSFS but not as glittery disco-ballish...AHHH!!! I think I might have a small blog sale soon...just to get rid of a couple of palettes... :[

Jun 28, 2009

P&J swatches

These are the swatches from my little haul a while ago :p

Eye gloss and new summer lip gloss in shades 3

No flash


Ji's giveaway!!

Ji is having her FIRST giveaway to honor her followers!! Go join!!

Jun 27, 2009

BE A NINJA entry

This is my BE A NINJA entry for Chomfifi's Contest!!
By daylight, this ordinary girl is buried in her books, but by nightfall she is a stealthy ninja awaiting to steal Andy's heart!!
With these eyes, she tempts him and seduces him into her hungry heart, devouring his kisses.
By the end of the night, he is hers.

The products used:

LOL okay so this was my entry, and by the time I remembered to take pictures for my story, I had already washed off my face!! Ahh!! Well...what a fun contest!! I went to the living room to show my mommy and scared my grandma instead har har :p If you have any questions on what I used, just ask :]

Jun 26, 2009

quick tip on glosses!

This is just a quick tip video on how to get the very last product of gloss from the lip gloss tubes!!

I don't store my lip glosses upside-down and so the gloss shifts around and makes it hard for me to get every bit of last product so....my solution??

Hold your lip gloss under warm/hot water for about 20-30 seconds, then store upside down for a few hours. The gloss will melt down toward the lid and YAY! You can use up the very last bit of your product! Enjoy!

Jun 23, 2009

i love nordstrom

Nordstrom has their Beauty Exclusives shipped out starting July 17. I am LOVING these two palettes...I just might have to break my no-buy...lol.

NARS "Modern Love" Palette looks actually worthy to me. My other NARS palette from this past holiday is shown no love...I only use a couple of the colors...but this one...oooh this one would be a great add to my collection because I would actually USE ALL of these colors...I LOVE IT! The site says: Shades included in palette are Alhambra I, Tokyo I, Jezebel II, India Song II, Habanera II and Pandora II. I love them all! The price: $55.
Ahh...Dior...my favorite. This is called the "Jazz Club" eye palette and these colors just scream my name. I wear this sort of colors almost every day...so to me this palette is an ESSENTIAL to my makeup drawers...Nordstrom says it comes with: Dior Liner, Sourcils Eyebrow, Fard Matte Eyeshadow, Fard Iridescent Eyeshadow, Fard Iridescent Eyeshadow, and a topcoat. Price: $65.

Now...do I get these OR do I just wait patiently for the holiday season...because I know the holiday collections are always amazing...AHH I don't know what to do!! Maybe I should sell my other NARS palette...would anyone be interested in buying it? :[

Jun 19, 2009

Favorite Character Contest

This is going to be my first contest!! I have no idea what the turn out will be...but hoprefully really well so that I will be motivated to host more :]

The contest theme: Recreate your favorite character from a book.

It's not as hard as it sounds!! It can be something as simple as Little Red Riding Hood. I'm a huge bookworm and love to read. I want to see what you come up with your imagination and how your mind recreates your favorite character. Whether that be your own interpretation of Bella from Twilight, or maybe if you want to take a challenge and recreate Edward ;] You choose! Make it good!!

1. Must be a follower.
2. I need face shots!!
3. Entries must be e-mailed to me by July 19th, Sunday at MIDNIGHT, PACIFIC TIME!
4. There will be TWO winners...a grand prize and a runner up. I WILL CHOOSE along with friends. I don't want no drama with that poll thing.
5. Dressing up is not a must, but an extra, and an explanation of why that character is your favorite is not required, but again, an extra :]
6. Open to 18+ and International buddies are welcome.
7. Take a picture of what you used to create your character.

*If any rules are not followed, then I have the full right to disqualify you.

I will post a mock example soon. But let your creativity juices flow!! Prizes will be announced a little later on :]

E-mail entries to: amanda.iscool@gmail.com

Have fun!!

Jun 18, 2009

look from the video

This is the look I wore in the video and at Andy's early surprise birthday dinner. I threw it a few days early, because his best friend from Taiwan left today. I wanted to make sure they could celebrate together :]

Yay! Bad lighting! lol.
Rickey, Andy's little brother and me.
me and the weirdo :p

I wore lavenders and plums on my eyes, all Lancome shadows
On my cheeks I wore my Jill Stuart cheek palette...I LOVE!! There's so many color combinations you can create :]
I wore Dior Couture Pink High Shine lip stick and Benefit Didn't Hear it From me Gloss :]

I have my CONTEST Video ready...just need to post it up :]

Jun 17, 2009

Paul & Joe haul

Swatches will be up maybe tomorrow or so...the lighting was ugly :[

Eww...my frame freeze thing is ugly :[

Jun 16, 2009

Paul & Joe 20% off!

Today I went on a Paul & Joe hunt with Ann [mamegoma fun]!!

We went to Rowland Heights, a city not far from us in California. She noticed that they carried P&J products so we went to get our P&J cherries popped! Yay!! Lo and behold...right now their products are 20% off!! So if you're in the area you should really stop by!! They had the new summer lip glosses and lots of face products and about 10 different lipsticks. They had a pretty good selection from what I saw. The only fall was that they didn't have any more of the blush beads from the Bambi collection :[

P&J products 20% off!!

Here's the address:
Lavender Beauty [in YES plaza]
18188 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights CA 91748
Phone Number: (626)581-8320

I hated how the SA was hovering over us like crazy as if we were going to steal stuff -_-!!

I got one of the new summer glosses and an eye gloss...I fell in love...I really didn't think I was going to like them but I ended up really liking the light purple one...it could even be worn by itself it's so pretty!
Pictures will hopefully be up tomorrow :]

They also had a couple of Hanskin BB creams and Anna Sui products..along with some other skin products. I only remember Jurlique...and I don't remember the rest...we were there for P&J :]

Jun 15, 2009

whoo hoo!! finally!

I am back!! No more finals and papers...just summer all the way :] Sorry it took so long, but after finals were over I was still hustling and bustling around...graduations and parties and work...man...this week will be a little less hectic, so hopefully I can post more. Here's a couple of pictures of me and my sister messing around in the car waiting for the high school graduation. She had a ton of friends graduating and I had a couple...they were freshmen when I was a senior. I feel so old :[

Yay!! Me and fellow makeup blogger, Ann aka mamegoma fun :]
I used...I believe my dior palettes --holiday and parisian lights and Benefit creaseless shadow in...not skinny jeans...but that other one that came in that girl's night in package :] haha sorry!
Cream Cup Mac cremesheen on my lips...i love this pinky nude color!

Okay...so now that I have some time...I will be announcing my CONTEST THIS WEEK!! So look out for that!! I'm still deciding on the rules and what not :] Yay!

Jun 4, 2009

Aya's presents and my haul

So before we even knew Aya was going to come visit the states, I wanted to do a swap with her because I was dying to get one of the Jill Stuart blush palettes that Fuz had hauled.  It was just so pretty and girly! lol!!  Once Aya found out that she was going to visit, I told her to just bring the palette with her [I could wait and be a good girl!] because shipping made no since when we could just meet up!! Yay!
Isn't the bag itself cute?!

I asked her to bring one of the hair sweeper to the side thing a mabobs because my Marukai is lame and doesn't carry them :p  I just recently used the hair thingy even though I've had it for a few weeks...I kept forgeting to open it!  She got me palette 06 Fresh Apricot.

Umm hello...gorgeous?! 

I love the colors!  I haven't even used it yet...it's too pretty to use!  The brush is super soft!

And of course this crazy girl threw in all of these extras!  I got spoiled!!

I am dyingggg to use these palettes!!  Canmake and Kirakira!!
My VERY small haul from Sephora: Apple Promegranate [?] Body Scrub because I am obsessed with them ever since I used the sample I got from Tia...love!  A Sephora sharpener...my sharpeners ate up my MUFE aqua eyes pencil...not that I love it that much anyways but still!!  People said this was acutally good..it fits regular size and larger pencils...we shall see...and then I got a Sephora Black eye kohl pencil.  I really wanted to retractable one but they didn't have any more in black :[

As if Aya's presents were not enough...she insisted on getting me the Benefit Girl's Night In package.  All I did was drive her around!!  I love it Aya!!  Thank you!!  Now I can try the creaseless shadows :]

Okay...enough hauls...no more till I hit pan on five products!!

Jun 3, 2009

aya visits!!

*picture heavy!!

I am FINALLY blogging about Aya's visit...which was a few weeks ago lol.  I got to meet
Irodori since she was here on a little vacation.  She was staying REALLY close by..and I mean like...10-15 minutes so you know we had to meet up!!  I always imagined her to be taller, but she was this cute, little Japanese girl with a HUGE personality!  I absoulutely love her!!

Andy and I took her around and first we hit up Melody's Makeup Outlet store since the CCO was out of the way.  She did DAMAGE to that store!!
Andy was our personal photographer for the day :]
more swatching..
Yes...she IS holding a basket for all her goodies!

Then we hit up Santa Monica.  We had to grab some food since we were hungry and we ate at this cute Italian restaurant on 3rd St. Promenade.  This sweetie treated us to lunch...and we all ordered the same Chicken pasta plate! LOL!!  It was freaken good!!

Then we hit up Sephora...which was pretty big compared to some other ones I've been to.  My hauls will be posted soon!!

Here she is getting foundation tested!

This is me trying to find ANOTHER black eye pencil...the MUA suggested their Sephora Kohl pencils, and I've heard some good things so I was interested...and for the price I was in love!  More about that laterrrrr

It was getting chilly, and before we went to Venice Beach [about 5 mins down PCH], we ran into Forever21 and she grabbed a jacket :]  and some other cute things of course :]

It was chilly!!  There were potheads everywhere!!  It smelled of pot and hippies...yum.

Look as this crazy guy on roller blades playing a guitar!!  He wanted a tip from Andy since he got snapped but we had no cash :p

How cute is this?!  Her very own store at Venice Beach!

There were tattoo parlors galore!  I really want one, and Aya has some really cool ones!!  But still...I'm too scared!  

I am so very glad that I got to meet this crazy, fun gal!!  I can't wait for her to come back and when I come to Japan we are going to rock the streets!!  I hope you had as much fun as I did!!  Thanks for the goodies that I absolutely loveeee!!!

I'll post next on my small haul at Sephora and the goodies Aya brought from Japan just for me!!  This was before I said I would haul anymore before hitting pan on five products!!  Yes..I am going to take that challenge with you Katie!!  Hopefully I can do it...LOL!!  Are there any rules on what is included/excluded? :p

Jun 1, 2009


i know, i know i have NOT been updating!!  I promise though after this SATURDAY I will be posting more because that's the day of my last finals.  Yes, I have my finals on Saturday because they are common finals...eww.  Anyways, I just wanted to update with the outfit I wore to a banquet we went to this past Saturday.  

I wore a very tight black dress from American Apparel...I'm not used to wearing something so tight...but Andy said it looked good...so...it couldn't have been that bad :p  OOhh and I was TALL!!  I'm barely 5'3 and Andy is 6 ft....so it was nice to not tippy toe to kiss him :p  Don't really remember what I wore on my face...I just know I used my Ammo palette and Dior palette :]  Yup!

us in the restaurant :]
me and Andy's bff

and meeee! lol. 

Again, I will be posting after my finals are done :]  Thanks for being patient!