Mar 31, 2009

pop beauty day 1

From my recent haul of Pop Beauty, I was able to try out the cabinet for the past couple of days. I also used the Eye Magnet Primer with the shadows. This whole look is just with Sara's Green Cabinet.

I was going to use the beautiful sparkly green shadow, but as I attempted to grab more product, the green sparkly shadow began to disappear, and I was left with a whole lot of this:

Where did the sparkly shadow go?!?! Now it's ugly brown that has no color on my lids whatsoever. Ew.

My look ended up looking like a matte brown on the lid with purple in the outter-v and black sparkly shadow on the crease. I used the sparkly cream as a highlight.

I really like the consistency of the gloss from the cabinet. I had to use my own lip brush, but as I dipped it is somewhat goopy. I have other glosses where I have to swirl for a while to get a lot of product, but that doesn't seem to be the case for Pop Beauty.

I really like the gloss and the blush from the cabinet though!! The blush is so pigmented, but the only bad thing is that when dipping the brush, the product does get

The Eye Magnet Primer does a great job of not budging!! After a long day at work here's what it looks like:

No creases yay! dulls out the colors quite a in my next look I will use a cream base to bring out the shadows. Let's see if anything budges at the end of the day.

So far I'm liking the gloss and the blush. The eye shadows...I would have to pass on those for now.

Mar 28, 2009

Pop Beauty Haul

What I got from since they were having a blow out Pop Beauty sale. I read reviews from and got a few of the items that were the better items.
*Some of the items do not have full descriptions because they are no longer available on so I will my best to describe the items.
*I threw in the chapstick and the quarter for a size comparison.

Beauty Cabinet - Sara (green)
Cabinet contains: Bronzer, 3 silky cheek colors, black eyeliner, gold highlighter, 10 fresh eye colors, and 6 lip dews with a hint of POP color, each organized in its own drawer to keep you neat and tidy Cheek shades: bronze glow, rose glow, matte apricot, peachy gold glow. Eye shade duos: black gold shimmer & white gold, bronze-gold &opal pink , deep plum & nude sheen, olive nude & vanilla nude glow, olive green & gold green, metallic platinum & crystal pink highlighter. Lip gloss shades: pink glow, bronze nude glow, rusty-red, light strawberry red, peach-gold, brick tint.

These pictures do the swatches no justice. In person the colors are very pigmented and smooth. I was very surprised since I got all of these items fairly cheap. The beauty cabinet cost $13.30, the ribbon gloss $5.25, the blush $6.30, the lip smoothie $4.20, and the eye magnet primer deluxe sample was free since I purchased more than $25.00 worth of merchandise.

The top four on the right are the blushes. The gloss is on the top left.

Blush Cake, Warm In Sienna
5 stripes of cheek color - and each one has 5 tonally correcting colors designed to warm your complexion. Brings your face alive!! Triple milled & micro pulverized for super smooth, delicate and luxurious texture. Maximum silkiness, making the powder look like real skin. Salmon, Apricot, Honey-Beige with Gold Shimmer, Golden Red Mango, Orange Nectarine

Ribbon Gloss - Red Ribbons
5x pout-plumping lip glaces in a de-lux glide-on gel formula. Enhanced with jojoba oil for maximum lip softness. Lip Smoothie - Strawberry A very cute strawberry pink/red color with sparkle.
Eye Magnet Primer
It says: Stay true to your POP color with this eye shade base. Works like a magnet by holding your shadow in place. It creates a perfect airbrushed canvas, no fading, creasing, or rubbing off. It primes & conceals, diffuses fine lines, super-long lasting, intensifies colors, treats with Vitamin E, and soothing chamomile.

I smelled it and it has a weird smell to it...the other products smell normal though. cost an arm and a leg to ship ($7.95) BUT it did ship very fast. I think I ordered it late Wednesday night and it arrived Friday. They package their products very well.

Aside from the shipping price, I wouldn't mind ordering from them again since it got here so quickly. I will let you ladies know the verdict on the products. Don't they look fun to play with though?!

just three!

I have this Stila trio in Warm that I received in a swap from and I never get to play with it. The shadows are highly pigmented and are perfect for the Spring season. The trio comes with a peach color, a very light pink color, and a shimmery brown. I know why everyone loves Stila shadows...they are so easy to blend and work with. I kick myself in the behind for missing that huge sale on they had a few weeks ago :['s my face...

Just something simple. I used the peach color on the lower half of the lid and the lower lashline, the brown in the crease and outter-v, and the pink as the highlight. I primed with Urban Decay PP, and used a peach colored revlon cream shadow color as a base.

I'm slowly starting to like the Diorshow Iconic Mascara...but it still looks a lot better on other people :[

On my lips I dabbed the MAC HK Most Popular and topped with Philosophy's Melon Daquiri gloss. I found that if I dab Most Popular on, I can work with the color...if I apply it normally, the color is just...weird on me lol :p

Mar 27, 2009

purple party

Tonight I went to a themed party where you had to wear purple, and all of you ladies know how I ADORE purple!!'s my face ;D

These are the pictures with Andy's Canon 5D...and below are some pictures from my dinky Canon Powershot HAHA ;D SUCH A DIFFERENCE I KNOW!!

I told Andy to take a picture of the shadows I used, but he forgot to upload them to my laptop -.-'' So here's the list!!

On my eyes:
-Urban Decay Grifter on lower lid and bottom lashline
-Coastal Scents Midnight Sky on outter corner
- UD Ransom in the crease
- Smashbox Celebrita [white color] as highlight
- MAC blacktrack fluidline
- Some Asian crisscross lashes...I have tons of lashes but I never use

*I really like fake lashes but no matter how much glue I seem to use...the edges look like they are going to fall off!! I've found that the half lashes work better for me...any tips ladies?!?!

On my lips I just have Dior Addict Hight Shine Lipstick 260 Couture Pink and Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect 517 Clutch Pink.

I really do love the High Shine Lipsticks...they are not drying at all!! I was going to wear the lippie alone but I wanted to use my gloss for the first time too haha :p I love!

I have a couple of hauls coming up...stay tuned!

Mar 24, 2009

rub my body...

HAHA I decided to post the products that I use to hydrate and protect my skin...just a quick, simple post for you ladies.

H20+ products are the best...the site says:
Drench thirsty skin with a fruity, tropical refreshment enriched with shea butter.
Size 8 fl oz \ 240 ml
Price $11.50

I first tried this product out [but the kiwi one] a few years ago since it was on sale at Nordstrom's...I believe it was maybe $9? Don't know, but it smelled so good and I fell in love. Right now I have the Raspberry scent. This lotion isn't too thick, but it definitely moisturizes my skin. I have quite dry skin in the winter, and just by using this at night, in the morning my skin feels refreshed!! lotion...but not just ANY baby lotion, but the Johnson's Bedtime Lotion. It says:
Johnson's® has created a nightly routine that is proven to help your baby fall asleep easier and sleep through the night better. Before bed, treat your baby to a warm bath, then gently massage skin with Johnson's® Bedtime Lotion®. Each product releases NaturalCalm™, a patent-pending blend of gentle and soothing aromas. Your baby will drift off to a better night's sleep.

It runs about $4.99.

It smells sweet like a baby, and the scent is so soothing that it DOES help me sleep better. I usually use this on a regular basis before I go to sleep [I only use the H20+ when my skin is extra dry], and it works well. It's not sticky and overpowering; it just feels nice.

This product I like because it smells nice...smells just like the Cucumber Melon from Bath and Body works for a cheaper price and more product. It does the job is getting rid of itchy, dry skin, and again, this is a baby product. I love it nonetheless.

Sephora Body Butters...they all smell amazing. I swear...I could eat them out of the container...I have Coconut Cream and Peach Blossom. I use these on my knees and elbows and within the next day, they aren't dry and rough anymore, but now smooth and soft. The butters are really thick, but they deeply moisturize those dry spots.

As for protection from the sun, I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock with SPF70. I heard these weren't good for you because of the chemicals it gives off and you could inhale them, but I'm not dead yet and I've been using it for about a year almost everyday. I spray it on in a very airy, open room, hold my breath, spray, and run to the next room. So yeah...looks like it's protecting's a mini-story...

For years I was always protective of my skin and ran from the sun because I never wanted to get tan...and then one summer, I don't know what happened. I had the urge to go to the beach and go there for one goal...tan. It was after I broke up with a two-year boyfriend, and I needed to hang out with one of my closest friends again...and so we TANNED almost once a week the whole gotta love Cali...we would take turns driving 40 mins or more in tan. the end of the summer...I was like a golden gingerbread cookie. One summer I spent tanning...I threw away YEARS AND YEARS of running from the sun. And now...I wish I hadn't done that :[ So that's why I run again...puahaha!!

Anyways...those are the products I use a lot of the time...there's a few more but those products don't get used on a regular basis. Whee...that was a LONG, but fun entry. Enjoy!

Mar 23, 2009

gray all over & Dior mascara!!

this is a look i did a couple of nights ago when andy and i went out to see the movie knowing [which i thought was pretty good!!]. i used my Parisian lights Dior palette along with the holiday palette...i just used the grays and blended...nothing special!!

I am wearing Mimmy on my lips.

I used the white color of the palette on my inner corner and underneath the lashline.

a very thin line of lancome artliner in noir [my hg liquid liner!!].
and since the parisian lights palette came with a mini Dior Iconic Mascara...I've been trying it out and at first I was like WHAT?! That's it?! I used it a few more times and I think it's only OKAY...I still really love my Clinique mascara that has the comb on the wand as lengthens and thickens my lashes immensely. I guess I just expected MORE since it was Dior and

no flash Dior Iconic Mascara..ehh it's okay... :p

with flash

and gosh...I took the pictures of myself with my little dinky Canon Powershot and omg...these pictures do not even compare to Andy's cameras...I've been spoiled too much with his photo quality :[

Mar 16, 2009


i got my heels at ALDO :]

Andy's 5d is a Canon :] He loves him his Canon cameras :p

as I said earlier...we played with the 5d...the outcome:

i used my dior parisian palette ;D

i love my juicy bag from baby! *hearts

on the back of my shirt it has the >.< face lol

i love bright's a tad different from what I usually wear in pictures...I have a pretty wide selection of clothes :p

i think i came out very bright...probably because of the direct sunlight in some of the pictures...and probably because of the colors i'm wearing also. no work or studying tomorrow...that means another update shall be coming soon yay!

Mar 15, 2009

stairs and bricks

These were not taken with the new 5d that Andy got, but these were from last week since we got bored...but now that the 5d came in the mail and we both don't work this Monday...that means we will go on another shoot to test it out. I have no idea where we will go T__T

I used my Nars holiday palette which is love!!

i love my Hey Tia!! Does this place look familiar?!?! It's right next to IKEA...yup! The huge Wells Fargo Bank HAH!

The lighting was just so pretty in this picture :p

It was so cold and windy again...but I love this wall.

I know Andy took more pictures but I guess he's either fixing the lighting on PS or he's being lazy :p

You can now click his picture on the right under MY OBSESSIONS that lead to his blog that he will try to update ;D

Mar 14, 2009

dior love and hp

I mentioned before that I had another Sephora package and it did arrive around last week. I took advantage of the 15% off plus it was the last day to get the FIVE samples instead of the standard three. I hauled...a Dior lippie and a Dior lipgloss since I am now addicted to Dior ahh!

I hauled the Dior Addict High Shine 260 Couture Pink and Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect 517 Clutch Pink.

Here's me and my five samples whoo hoo!!

And I also got an HP G60-235DX Notebook 16 inch from Best Buy. It came out to only about...$650. I figured it would be a good investment and my sister's desktop was about to die anyways so I gave her mine; it's only two years old. I love my lappie :]

I'm done with my accounting final, so only two more to go and those should be okay so yay! I can blog more!!

P.S. Andy just got the know what that means...little miss guinea pig here will be posting pictures soon :p

Mar 9, 2009

scent dupe?

I love love love Stella McCartney's perfume Stella, but it sure is expensive [I bought the roll-on in a previous haul a while back]. Anyways!! A couple months ago I bought some lotions from Victoria's Secret since I had to get some gifts and one of them, DELICATE PETALS, reminds me of the STELLA perfume!! When smelling it from the bottle, it just smelled good to me :p But then when I applied it on, it really reminded me of the Stella perfume. Yay!! I'm going to go back and snag the body spray and the rest of the stuff from that scent and see if I can save me some money :]

Just thought I would let you gals know :]

Sorry I haven't been blogging much, but this is my last week before finals ew! After that there will be more looks and reviews. Yay!

Mar 4, 2009

parisian lights!

Yay!! So today I finally got my Sephora order in the mail. I only ordered the Dior Parisian Lights Palette. It's a brand new edition to their collection. I saw it for the first time on Product-Girl's Blog and fell in love with it! At the time it was also the Sephora special to pick not only three samples but FIVE!!

The quad also came with a mini-size of the Dior Iconic Mascara which I can't wait to use!

Aren't the colors pretty?!

How cute!! It even comes with a day/evening instruction paper!!

Tons of samples! I always try to get Mister Andy a cologne sample. He likes to smell good ;]

I also went to Marukai since it's down the street and mom needed to pick some stuff up for dinner this week...and I got my FIRST bottle on MANDOM MAKEUP REMOVER!! It was on sale for just under $10 [usually around $15?]. We shall see though, because I love me my Lancome makeup remover :p

I just hauled another Sephora add just a couple more Dior products to my collection. *'ll be so hard to back to drug-store products...

Mar 3, 2009


Just to answer some questions:

I got the Hello Kitty nail dryer at a Sanrio store in So. Cal. for $6.99 when I made a purchase of $15 or more.

The nail dryer works great [uses 2 double A batteries], but it is a bit small. I have to dry my thumb separately since it doesn't fit. :[

I really would like to model, but I'm not sure how comfortable I would be given the setting. I've modeled for a couple of other friends, but it makes it a lot easier when they give you some sort of direction of what they want from you.

Andy uses a dslr xsi/450d. He has many, many different lenses.

My pictures look weird because I cropped them...I didn't want the rest of my body seen :p

The MAC polish is pretty hasn't chipped horribly for me yet. I also did not use a top coat AND I work at a bookstore [I constantly grab things with my nails, whether it be getting books out of tight places and whatnot].

P.S. Right now SEPHORA has 15% off of your orders till MARCH 7!! Code: J89LM

Mar 1, 2009

on the prowl

i finally painted my nails with the HK polish from MAC in On the Prowl. I do say it is a lovely shade of gray...not too dark and gothic yet not too passive and light. I already got complements on the shade the first day worn out!

What is more perfect than having a nail dryer that is HELLO KITTY to go along with my Hello Kitty nail polish :] I got this at Sanrio for $6.99 when I spent $15 or it was double stamp day cha-ching!