Mar 31, 2009

pop beauty day 1

From my recent haul of Pop Beauty, I was able to try out the cabinet for the past couple of days. I also used the Eye Magnet Primer with the shadows. This whole look is just with Sara's Green Cabinet.

I was going to use the beautiful sparkly green shadow, but as I attempted to grab more product, the green sparkly shadow began to disappear, and I was left with a whole lot of this:

Where did the sparkly shadow go?!?! Now it's ugly brown that has no color on my lids whatsoever. Ew.

My look ended up looking like a matte brown on the lid with purple in the outter-v and black sparkly shadow on the crease. I used the sparkly cream as a highlight.

I really like the consistency of the gloss from the cabinet. I had to use my own lip brush, but as I dipped it is somewhat goopy. I have other glosses where I have to swirl for a while to get a lot of product, but that doesn't seem to be the case for Pop Beauty.

I really like the gloss and the blush from the cabinet though!! The blush is so pigmented, but the only bad thing is that when dipping the brush, the product does get

The Eye Magnet Primer does a great job of not budging!! After a long day at work here's what it looks like:

No creases yay! dulls out the colors quite a in my next look I will use a cream base to bring out the shadows. Let's see if anything budges at the end of the day.

So far I'm liking the gloss and the blush. The eye shadows...I would have to pass on those for now.


CHOMSIRI said...

oh my gosh! where did the shimmery go?! i guess this cabinet has its flaws ><"

wuzzyangel said...

Aww that sucks that the color changed on you! But I'm glad that the blushes & glosses were to your liking!!

It's still such a pretty look!!! :)

Iyah said...

I wonder why it has no sparkles. Hmmm.. but at the last pic, it looks actually shiny :)

Anonymous said...

so gloss and blush is working for you? okay good to keep in mind.

M said...

awww the shimmer was only the top part? doh! you look lovely though :)