Mar 28, 2009

Pop Beauty Haul

What I got from since they were having a blow out Pop Beauty sale. I read reviews from and got a few of the items that were the better items.
*Some of the items do not have full descriptions because they are no longer available on so I will my best to describe the items.
*I threw in the chapstick and the quarter for a size comparison.

Beauty Cabinet - Sara (green)
Cabinet contains: Bronzer, 3 silky cheek colors, black eyeliner, gold highlighter, 10 fresh eye colors, and 6 lip dews with a hint of POP color, each organized in its own drawer to keep you neat and tidy Cheek shades: bronze glow, rose glow, matte apricot, peachy gold glow. Eye shade duos: black gold shimmer & white gold, bronze-gold &opal pink , deep plum & nude sheen, olive nude & vanilla nude glow, olive green & gold green, metallic platinum & crystal pink highlighter. Lip gloss shades: pink glow, bronze nude glow, rusty-red, light strawberry red, peach-gold, brick tint.

These pictures do the swatches no justice. In person the colors are very pigmented and smooth. I was very surprised since I got all of these items fairly cheap. The beauty cabinet cost $13.30, the ribbon gloss $5.25, the blush $6.30, the lip smoothie $4.20, and the eye magnet primer deluxe sample was free since I purchased more than $25.00 worth of merchandise.

The top four on the right are the blushes. The gloss is on the top left.

Blush Cake, Warm In Sienna
5 stripes of cheek color - and each one has 5 tonally correcting colors designed to warm your complexion. Brings your face alive!! Triple milled & micro pulverized for super smooth, delicate and luxurious texture. Maximum silkiness, making the powder look like real skin. Salmon, Apricot, Honey-Beige with Gold Shimmer, Golden Red Mango, Orange Nectarine

Ribbon Gloss - Red Ribbons
5x pout-plumping lip glaces in a de-lux glide-on gel formula. Enhanced with jojoba oil for maximum lip softness. Lip Smoothie - Strawberry A very cute strawberry pink/red color with sparkle.
Eye Magnet Primer
It says: Stay true to your POP color with this eye shade base. Works like a magnet by holding your shadow in place. It creates a perfect airbrushed canvas, no fading, creasing, or rubbing off. It primes & conceals, diffuses fine lines, super-long lasting, intensifies colors, treats with Vitamin E, and soothing chamomile.

I smelled it and it has a weird smell to it...the other products smell normal though. cost an arm and a leg to ship ($7.95) BUT it did ship very fast. I think I ordered it late Wednesday night and it arrived Friday. They package their products very well.

Aside from the shipping price, I wouldn't mind ordering from them again since it got here so quickly. I will let you ladies know the verdict on the products. Don't they look fun to play with though?!


wuzzyangel said...

Wow that Beauty Cabinet looks like a great investment!! Thanks for the swatchies!!

I hope the bad smell from the primer doesn't mean it's bad!! :(

CHOMSIRI said...

i really want to buy the green cabinet and has been debating! let me know! :)

Ahleessa said...

Nice haul! I'm loving the colors... hehe~

Iyah said...

Cute haul! The beauty cabinet looks so cute :)

M said...

the packaging is super girly cute. your arm is swatch central hahah gotta love that :D

Ladyfei♡ said...

omg the cabinet looks CUTE..
i have a couple palette from pop and i love it =) its good quality!

Anonymous said...

ohh so many colors! i love the pinks and reds!


chau said...

random reader, :) the colors are very purtyy!

✿Ji✿ said...

Really cute haul!<3 The colors are very pretty!^^

beeyoutiful7 said...

i love how you did your swatches! =)

and ur Cabinet looks like something i'll need right now.

thanks for sharing!!