Aug 31, 2010

Japanese Glamorous Lash Review

It has been way too long since I blogged!! I've just been really busy catching up with friends before they go back to college, thus the lack of posting. I wanted to do a review on the Japanese lashes that a bought a while ago. You can click here to see the post of what they look like up close. The lashes look AMAZING on, but comfort-wise, the band is very stiff. They are really easy to apply and remove the glue off of for a second-time use. Here are a couple of pictures with the lashes on.

They look very dramatic! All in all...

The pros: Easy to apply, comes with a cute case, easy to clean off glue after first time wear, looks amazing for a night out.
The cons: Thick band so not so comfortable, lasts about three wears, easily bent if not stored properly.

Here's one last picture with Andy :]