Jul 24, 2010

Haul and Review of R&R products

So I hauled from Hautelook the other week when they have R&R beauty on sale. I heard many good things about the blushes so I picked up Tease and then a gloss in Preppy Punk. I love the packaging!! It's so sleek and gaudy!
The only packaging I was not fond of was the gloss's packaging. The black part on the wand is just a black sticker wrapped around! Eww how cheap! I definitely would not pay the full price of I believe $20. I paid $10 for it [I don't remember because it doesn't even say on the invoice they sent!]. I really like the packaging of the blush though. There's a ton of product in there too!

Swatches. I wore the gloss today and I am VERY disappointed. It is not pigmented like the MAC lipglasses. I have to load on the product and it doesn't even have amazing staying power. It has a strong scent of vanilla like the MAC lipglasses. I really love the blush color, but on my cheeks I think it is too cool toned for me boo! The blush is really smooth though and very pigmented. When I swatched it though, it reminded me a LOT of the Forever 21 blush I got in fuchsia...so I swatched...
OH NO! THEY LOOK SO SIMILAR!! UGHHH! I did not want to pay $20 for a blush color I already had AND the Forever 21 blush was only $4? UGHHH!! SOOO IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO SWAP MY R&R BLUSH FOR A MORE PINK OR CORAL COLOR I WOULD LOVE TO!!
Then I went to Marukai the other day and wanted to get the five pack of lashes that they had on sale for a little less than $7. I got the glamorous lashes.
It even comes with a little case!
I'm really excited to try these!

That's it for now. But if anyone is interested in swapping the blush with another color, let me know!


aisyah De Cullen said...

aww...too bad for both products. I've nvr heard of this brand though..
I kinda like the packaging but maybe that's just from the pictures you took..

Anonymous said...

aww it sucks the products didnt work that well on you!! Hopefully you'll make a nice swap with someone ;)

the false lashes look cute... I should try wearing some more often!

wuzzyangel said...

Awww I don't have a blush in the color you want! LOL! Sorry that they didn't meet up to the expectations! Ohhh pretty falsies!!


OMGOSh, they do remind me of MAC!

vnikali said...

i never R&R had makeup stuff ><~
thanks for sharing hun

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