Oct 31, 2008


Okay ladies! The long awaited 20% off Sephora purchases awaits us! Get to it! Start filling those carts!!

what's everyone getting?

Oct 28, 2008


I've been tagged by my gal: Diana Nguyen

Here are the Rules:

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Six Random Things About Me...

1. I'm a mixture of things: Chinese [my momma is from Hong Kong] and Dutch-Indonesian [my dad was born in NJ but his mom spent her childhood between the Netherlands and Indonesia]. I only speak English with a splash of Cantonese and Mandarin just from learning in hs for my language course.

2. I am a third year college student studying International Business so I can get my travel on. I was inspired in high school when I went on an exchange program to Japan and have loved the culture and traveling ever since. I've been to Japan twice, Hong Kong, and China.

3. I'm a die hard Twilight fan. I work at Barnes & Noble and have been converted...never liked Harry Potter but I have fell in love with the Twilight characters. Reading is a passion of mine and I would have probably majored in English if I didn't want to travel so badly.

4. I hate vegetables and I hate drinking water despite that they are both healthy for you and your skin. I try...but I never come close to what should be fulfilled.

5. I love snowboarding although I just started this past season. I don't even like sports much...I played Badminton in hs and it's not too tough :p

6. I've known of my bf in hs but started actually talking to him last winter. We've been together for eight months and we know we want to marry each other. We're so alike yet so different and everything we plan includes the other. It's simply love <3

My six lovelies that I am TAGGING!!:

1. digitalfragrance
2. yummiebitez
3. irodori
4. faceticious
5. bellacupcake
6. fuz

alrighty...i need to sleep! i have class T_T

Oct 25, 2008


hello my loves! i jsut wanted to update all of you with news that made me jump for happiness! I won my first contest!! Abby was having a halloween look contest and I entered a look for Marie Antoinette. I was able to choose either a lip stick or an eye shadow from the Emmanuel Ungaro collection and i chose the Mineral eye shadow, a brown satin :] Thanks for the great comments!! <33 I'll update you guys on my prize and do some looks with my new stuff. AHHH IM SO HAPPY! hahaha!

in the meantime, it seems like everyone is holding contests! I still really want to enter Fuz's and Kimberly's contests. They seem so challenging and fierce! You guys know I'm a sucker for Japanese stuff so I'm really going to love the Lolita challenge. I think I may have my boyfriend dress up with me as well...puahaha! But shhh he doesn't know that yet ;]

Toodles for now ladies!

Oct 22, 2008

wuzzy's contest

yes yes!! i know i have been going CONTEST crazy!!it keeps me happy in the meantime from school. i just had a midterm tuesday and i have a speech presentation tomorrow. i got scheduled for too many hours next week and i know for sure that i have another midterm tuesday or thursday. it's killing me!! i wish i could just sleep in every day and not worry about school :[

wuzzy is holding this GREAT contest!! it's a pink contest that is about cancer awareness. yes ladies, we must protect ourselves!! so keep checking those boobies on a regular basis! i did a PINK SMOKY eye look...to me it looks like it's purple :[ but i used pink i assure you!

on my face i used: maybelline mineral power powder plus maybelline mineral power blush in soft mauve.
on my lips im just simply wearing l'oreal HIP jelly balm in plush
on my eyes: theBALM in luscious lani on inner corner lids, urban decay in last call on the rest of the lids, lancome's dill in the crease to create the smoky look, and mac's sunday best as a highlight. i lined my eyes with mac's fluidline in blacktrack and also put it on my waterline [yes yes i know this is bad! :p], and topped my lashes off with maybelline's lashblast.

yeah, i know the colors came out to purple, probably just because i used a deep plum as a crease color but i like it!! it's a smoky pink look :] i hope you guys enjoyed!

Oct 19, 2008

abby's contest

I decided to enter abby's contest. It's a Sunday night and I should totally be studying for a midterm I have on Tuesday but..whatever! I thought I would send an entry in for her Marie Antoinette costume. Wish me luck!

On my face I used:
-Everyday Minerals Pick Me Up Concealer then I packed on ELF's white shadow to give my face the white powdered look.

On my cheeks I used: Maybelline Mineral Power blush in Gentle Pink

On my eyes I used:
- NYX jumbo eye pencil in PURPLE
- Urban Decay Grifter in inner corner
- Urban Decay in Last Call on the rest of the lid to the crease
- MAC Club on the V crease
and MAC Sunday Best as a highlight
-MAC fluidline in Blacktrack
- Lancome noir pencil and set with NYX black shadow on lower waterline
- Maybelline Lashblast in Black

On my lips I used:
- Rosebud Strawberry Salve
- MAC Viva Glam I
- ELF Plumping Glaze in Ruby Kiss

with flash

natural lighting

I have an entry for another contest coming up but I think I will post that later. Yeahhhhh...time to go study :[

p.s. thanks for all the wonderful comments on my last post!! my boyfriend appreciates them as well :]

Oct 13, 2008

for fun

my boyfriend enjoys photography and just bought a nice toy: a canon 450D. and i love dressing up and playing with my face puahaha! here's a few pix :]

redd by ~Zetsumeii on deviantART

rel by ~Zetsumeii on deviantART

wall by ~Zetsumeii on deviantART

what by ~Zetsumeii on deviantART

cold by ~Zetsumeii on deviantART

cold.2 by ~Zetsumeii on deviantART

there's other ones that i like but he hasn't put those up yet :p

i used my missha liquid foundation in light and my mac warm eyes palette that i adore. :] and on my lips i have on a smashbox gloss in desire :]

Oct 12, 2008

NYX haul

I did haul some NYX round lippies that every bella adores and with the free shipping from cherryculture, i caved in. i got five round lippies in: Bruised [i wanted another dark plum for fall but I'm not too sure about the color stay on this one...], Tea Rose [love love love], Thalia [love even more!], Iced Honey [too shimmery for a nude...], and Harmonica [a cute baby shimmer pink]. There were a ton of others that I wanted to get but they were already sold out!! I really wanted Rea for a nude lippie and B52 :[

I also got two NYX lip pencils just because they were BOGO and only $2 each. Got one in Prune and Plush Red. There's a store in my mall that sells the round lippies for $1.99 and the lip glosses for $1.99 also...I think I'll get them here unless there's another free shipping day :]

I also grabbed myself some Kandoo wipes from Target and some night time baby lotion! YUMM it smells so good! Also grabbed the Huggies Cucumber and Green Tea lotion just for kicks. I love baby lotions...they smell so good and make your skin so soft!!

I have a couple of looks to post and I will get those up soon! That's all for now loves!

Oct 8, 2008

urban decay ammo look

i really should be doing homework but i'm just not in homework mode. ughhh...so i took pictures of my face today since I was already late for class puahah :p I just ended up ditching that one and went to the other two. I feel like such a slacker but I am seriously getting burned out from school. I keep slacking more and more and I shouldn't! Especially if I'm paying for it omgosh! Anyways, I did a look with my Urban Decay Ammo palette which I adore. I really want the Deluxe shadow box...but I'm trying to save my money for my doggie and a snowboard for this season :[ UGHHH :[

I really can't get the right lighting anywhere...and flash makes it look worse I think...OH WELL! So what if I have a big white spot on my cheek from the sun :p

p.s. i got my cherryculture package in the mail today yay! I only got five nyx round lippes and lip pencils [never really tried them and want to give them a go...plus they were BOGO free. even mommy got five lippies!] I can't wait to try them!

Oct 6, 2008

lavshuca and nails

I finally got un-lazy and adjusted the sizes and whatnot for the eye look i attemped to try with the blue Lavshuca palette Aya sent me. The colors look super washed out by the lighting but you guys get the gist of it. ALSO!! I was looking about other blogs and i happen to have stumbled on a blog about Konad nail art. Well...what do you know...I actually had a mini kit laying under my bed that I won about two years ago in Japan through those claw games. It was a bag filled with goodies and the little box happened to be a KONAD NAIL ART KIT! My oh my...this thing is crazy great. I didn't know how to use it since everything was in Japanese and I'm too lazy to do nail art. With this little baby, you can stamp away and create very nice nails! Here's pictures of my eyes and my nails :]

P.S. I'm lemming the Dior Deluxe Travel Palette. It's $70 expensive at Nordstrom...yes yes I am a poor college student. But i WANT. HRM...snowboard or...another palette that I probably won't use every day?