Oct 13, 2008

for fun

my boyfriend enjoys photography and just bought a nice toy: a canon 450D. and i love dressing up and playing with my face puahaha! here's a few pix :]

redd by ~Zetsumeii on deviantART

rel by ~Zetsumeii on deviantART

wall by ~Zetsumeii on deviantART

what by ~Zetsumeii on deviantART

cold by ~Zetsumeii on deviantART

cold.2 by ~Zetsumeii on deviantART

there's other ones that i like but he hasn't put those up yet :p

i used my missha liquid foundation in light and my mac warm eyes palette that i adore. :] and on my lips i have on a smashbox gloss in desire :]


xphoebelinax said...

those are some cute as boots!
wish i could wear thigh high boots, i have chunky ass super asian calves which won't fit in anything!
looking very cute indeed for you though! :)

miemiemie said...

those pictures look great! especially the first 2 pictures,love them :)

wuzzyangel said...

Girl you look gooood!! Very prof! My fave is the COLD. =)

Vanessa said...

you are gorgeous!! sorry for the late reply, I totally forgot, but email me your addy and I will send you the Sana pore putty!

Aya said...

Your boyfriend is talented! You look so cute in the pictures :)

Kimberly Tia said...

look at youuuu - you bettah work whatcha mama gave you girl -- and how cool to have an "in-house" photographer boyfriend!! kudos! kudos!!

i love the photos, all of them are awesome - you're a natural!!!

and thanks for the 411 on mineral powders for me -- thats one of my other concerns too, is breaking out from mineral powders... I guess its gonna be a trial and error mode for me.

miemiemie said...

hi hi hi thanks for dropping by..omg i think that rhymed a tad bit..i haven't seen the kojic soap in the US..i'm sorry..but you might find some other brands in asian markets?

paperdollrevenge said...

How fun that must have been! The photos look great, my fav are the 4th and 5th ones.