Oct 28, 2008


I've been tagged by my gal: Diana Nguyen

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Six Random Things About Me...

1. I'm a mixture of things: Chinese [my momma is from Hong Kong] and Dutch-Indonesian [my dad was born in NJ but his mom spent her childhood between the Netherlands and Indonesia]. I only speak English with a splash of Cantonese and Mandarin just from learning in hs for my language course.

2. I am a third year college student studying International Business so I can get my travel on. I was inspired in high school when I went on an exchange program to Japan and have loved the culture and traveling ever since. I've been to Japan twice, Hong Kong, and China.

3. I'm a die hard Twilight fan. I work at Barnes & Noble and have been converted...never liked Harry Potter but I have fell in love with the Twilight characters. Reading is a passion of mine and I would have probably majored in English if I didn't want to travel so badly.

4. I hate vegetables and I hate drinking water despite that they are both healthy for you and your skin. I try...but I never come close to what should be fulfilled.

5. I love snowboarding although I just started this past season. I don't even like sports much...I played Badminton in hs and it's not too tough :p

6. I've known of my bf in hs but started actually talking to him last winter. We've been together for eight months and we know we want to marry each other. We're so alike yet so different and everything we plan includes the other. It's simply love <3

My six lovelies that I am TAGGING!!:

1. digitalfragrance
2. yummiebitez
3. irodori
4. faceticious
5. bellacupcake
6. fuz

alrighty...i need to sleep! i have class T_T


wuzzyangel said...

That's cool that you've traveled. I've never left the country!

Kimberly Tia said...

Wow Girl!

Those are interesting factoids!!!
Hooray for hapa children!
*high five*

and ooOo u work at B&N -- how funnnn, I would LOVE to work there and be surrounded by books all day!

and I agree with you on the water part, I hate drinking it, so I usually pick up those flavor packets like crystal light or wylers and keep them in my purse...so if I eat out and order a water, I can flavor it up with no hasse of the YUCK factor! ^_^

and cuuute about u and your BF! he's a lucky guy with such a pretty gal!

ahbeeedotcom said...

very very interesting and traveling is awesome

xppinkx said...

were just about the same mutt your just missing the filipino.....

i totally thought you were japanese....

i love this tag...i get to know these funny facts and perks

digital fragrance said...

hahaha im just not good with these car lingos ><;;