Apr 28, 2009

been missing + carrots

I've been missing since I am getting slaughtered by mid-terms. Oh the joy of being a college student that hates school right now. I should be posting more soon though after this week since my mid-terms are this week pretty much.

Anywho...a while back I purchased some YES TO CARROTS products since they were BOGO 50% off at Walgreens. I've been using them ever since just to give you MY verdict. I know it's worked great for others but for me....well, just read on :]

*photos from yestocarrots dot com

C is Smooth
Body Moisturizing Lotion

This product unfortunately is not my favorite from the four that I bought. It actually made me more itchy...It did take away dryness, but not for a long amount of time like my H20+ Moisturizing lotion. The scent reminded me of baby powder, which was good since I thought it was going to smell weird because of the carrots. I had to constantly reapply the lotion, but I DO have pretty dry skin...*sighs. Other than that, this lotion only gets a
2.5/5 for me. I would not purchase this again.

Carrot Rich Shower Gel

Again, this is not one of my favorite products. I used this a week after I started using the lotion and it calmed down the itchyness I got from the lotion. This did not break me out and it had a sweeter smell than baby powder. It did not leave me skin feeling smooth like my Olay Body Wash that I normally use. Because this product did not make me itchy, it gets:
3/5. I would not buy this again.

C Loves Your Hair
Pampering Carrot Juice Shampoo

This product was actually gentle on my hair. It left it pretty smooth after about a week of usage. It has a nice smell to it and it hydrated my hair. It has a fun orange color to the shampoo, and I would actually purchase this again, but probably with at least a BOGO 50% off so I could get the conditioner with it. This product has a pretty small bottle compared to most shampoos...they should make a bigger bottle...this product gets a:
4/5 I would repurchase this again.

C is for Conditioner
Pampering Hair Mud Conditioner

I love this product!! It has got to be my favorite from the four I bought. This actually does deep condition and it works great with the shampoo!! It has a similar sweet scent like the shampoo and it has a pale orange color for the product. It feels really soft on my hair and I noticed it has made my scalp less itchy. I also tried this with my Garnier Fructis shampoo and that's how I know it will still work without the shampoo. This product is a bit pricey for the price so it gets:
4.5/5 I would repurchase this again!!

More updates will come as soon as school calms down!! Andy needs to send me the other pictures he took when I did a couple of fotds...Thanks for reading!!

Apr 21, 2009

all eyes for dior

I did a neutral look the other day using my Dior Parisian Lights palette. I love this palette. I should use it more often, but each time that I DO use it...the look is different than the last. The combos are endless :]

Again...the lighting sucks but I used the pinkish color all over with the gray in the crease. I used the dark sparkly gray from my Dior Holiday palette 2008 in the outter-v, Diorshow Iconic Mascara, MAC Blacktrack fluidline.

I'm wearing a really nude color on my lips...Maybelline Nude Blush. It's really pretty!! Very very nude...the staying power is actually pretty good too.

Hopefully with me trying not to buy so much makeup, I can put the makeup that I DO have to use :p

Apr 20, 2009

eotd in nars

Here's a look I did the other day using my NARS holiday palette 2008.

The sun was being weird so there are two different pictures with the lighting different.

On the lower lid I used Bohemian Gold II, the crease: Surabaya II, outter-v: Night Flight, and Kilamanjaro I.
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Diorshow Iconic Mascara
I don't remember what was on my lips...might have been MAC Cream Cup... :p

I really like how these shadows feel, but from the six colors in the palette I only love two...the purple and the dark blue since I put that in my outter-v a lot. I don't know what to do!! I want to give it more love but most of the colors don't work on me...the orangey color and the brown are just...blahhh on my eyes :[

Should I sell or trade the palette?? I wouldn't mind trading it for a shadow duo I would use all the time or something...rarr..decisions decisions...

Apr 19, 2009

old haul + shu

These are from the video I did since the lighting was HORRIBLE!!
I love how Benefit packages their items!! They came with loads of freebies too :]
And I love the Clinique GWP!!

These are the swatches from the Benefit lip products.
Starting from the left: Lip Plumper in Yoo Hoo, Her Glossiness in Didn't Hear It From me, Her Glossiness in Next Question Please, and the gloss in Rave Reviews.

Rave Reviews has more orange in it than Next Question Please although in the tubes they look quite similar.

I hauled a few Shu Uemura items last week...I've always wanted to try his stuff...!!

I got a "lip laquer"...it's just a really cute light pink balm with glitters.

And here's the blush...it's a very light peach color. Here is doesn't really show up on my hand, but my face is lighter than my hand so it just gives a very slight pink on the cheeks which is very cute!

So cute!

No more hauling for a long time...I'm serious!! I'm such a poor college student...but I AM trying to think of some contest ideas since my blog's birthday is in MAY! YAY!! so watch out for that :]

Apr 13, 2009

back in the day...

Back in high school I went on an exchange program to go to JAPAN! Yes...I know...too bad back then I wasn't insanely obsessed with makeup :[

I just thought these would be fun to post :p

A huge Rilakkuma for fuz!! Yes...I was at an arcade place [and Japan has the best claw machines and the workers even fix the animal so you can actually win it!]. The person on the left got cut out for certain reasons :p


I had no fashion sense...I was dressed as a complete fob yup. But this was downstairs waiting to go into the 109 place...a mall with 11 levels (?) filled with women's clothing and accessories. I was in heaven!!

I love HELLO KITTY now...loved her then. Yes...I went to Sanrio Puroland aka HELLO KITTY LAND HEAVEN!!

Don't mind me...I was a dumb high school girl...

I actually thought my friend was crazy because she was the one who really really really wanted to go here...I'm glad she made me go :p

They even have rides based off of HK.

Quite sad...once she came out all the little kids came and surrounded her. We were the oldest ones there to see HK it seemed like...so we had to squeeze in the picture with the kids...

In HK's bathroom!! One thing at HK land was that you could walk through her house...we sat on her couch and everything...

This was me being paparazied at...LOL

My host was so nice...she got us our very own YUKATAS!! The summer kimonos...I've worn mine maybe twice in the U.S. :]

I loved eating "soft creme" in Japan...they had all of these wild flavors!! Here I'm eating Lavender flavor which was SO GOOD! Everything is just BETTER in Japan :[ I went to a lot of places like Tokyo, Harajuku district, Shibuya, the foot of Mt. Fuji, and many many other places!!

I look back and I noticed that I lost a lot of weight since high school...don't know why...but my cheeks aren't as chubby and my arms aren't as squishy lol.

I went in the summer in these photos...well the first one came from Winter...and I don't really have many of those since I went with someone from the past...but yeah!! I'm so lucky to have gone twice...but like I said...too bad I had no info. on Japanese beauty products back then :[

Apr 12, 2009

greens with ud

Of course my camera sucks and the colors look dull but if you watched my video from the previous post, you can tell that they are not at all dull! This was taken after I played badminton for a bit :p My lower lashline liner is gone :p

I used from my Urban Decay Deluxe Palette -- Graffiti all over lid
Ammo Palette --Mildew in the crease and Oil Slick in the outter v
MAC Sunday Best as the highlight
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Diorshow Mascara

In the picture it doesn't even look like I have mildew in the crease...I need a better camera...

Thanks for all of the lovely comments on my first video!! Maybe I will do videos for my hauls :]
However..there won't be many hauls coming anymore because I really need to go on a makeup no buy :[

Hope all of you had a HAPPY EASTER!!

Apr 9, 2009

FIRST VID--HAUL of course

Coming soon:
PICTURES OF THE HAUL because the color quality sucks since my room is yellow lighting YAY -.-''

WHAT I WORE ON MY EYES in the video :p

This is my first video...I was too lazy to take pictures but then the color sucks so I have to take pictures of the stuff anyways...but YEAH!! Don't LAUGH!! :[
It's very awkward talking into my lappie top and Andy is sitting there watching youtube vids and he keeps looking at me like I'm a weirdo :[

Here's some pictures of me and Wo-Wo :p

She sucks on my fingers like they're her thumb or something...she's such a baby!!

Apr 8, 2009

love ammo


I absolutely adore my Urban Decay Ammo Palette and I'm sure I tell you ladies over and over again :] I recommend this one the most since it has bright colors and somewhat neutral colors, and it has glitter and non-glittery colors. I have the Deluxe and the Bamboo Palettes...but this one is LOVE.

Here's my face:
*click to enlarge pictures

I used:
-Grifter on the whole lid a little past the crease, also on the lower lashline
- Smog in the crease
- Oil Slick in the outter-v
- MAC Sunday Best as the Highlight and used to drag Smog up to blend out
- MAC Blacktrack fluidline
- Diorshow Iconic Mascara
- Lavender Whip on my lips with clear gloss on top
- I think I used Milani Luminous blush...can't remember :p
- No foundation...just a Rimmel Finishing Powder...my skin was actually nice that day :p

I've been using Lavender Whip for the best couple of days since the weather WAS nice...-.-'' [It's now rainy and gloomy in So. Cal. when it was 80 degrees a couple of days ago].

And this was for fun...it was originally in color but Andy was playing with photoshop :p

I have a small haul waiting to be posted...and I am slowly thinking of contest ideas....slowly...very slowly...but EVENTUALLY!! :] SO LOOK OUT!! ;D

Apr 6, 2009

stila illuminating tinted moisturizer

So I got one of the little samples of the Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 from Sephora. I was always interested in trying this product, and the SPF 15 just made it better.

The way I used this product was I would first wear a base, either my Smashbox Photofinish Primer or my Sana primer. Then I would stipple this on with my CS brush that still sheds till this day T__T I would finish it off by dabbing some concealer if necessary on the problem spots and dust on some Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil.

The verdict: I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the product looked on my face...I had the airbrushed finish and I didn't even have to use a lot of product. Great coverage as a tinted moisturizer...

HOWEVER!!! VERY VERY SADLY I BROKE OUT FROM IT AHH!! I was so sad...I tried it for a couple of days and my left cheek got a pimple and some bumps...so I stopped using it...and a couple of weeks later I tried again [with a clean brush of course], and the same thing happened!! I was very disappointed, because I was actually hoping that this product and I could be lovers...guess not...it was just a one-sided love affair boo hoo :[

Have you ladies tried it?? If so, let me know your thoughts on it :]

Apr 3, 2009


Today I compared my Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Primer to my Urban Decay Primer Potion.

[B for Pop Beauty and D for Urban Decay Primer Potion]
I applied each product on a different eye at 3P.M., used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Horse Radish, piled on the shadows and took a look at the eyes around 10P.M. The pictures weren't coming out as clear as in person, but BOTH products DID crease...

Pop Beauty actually only creased a little about half way in the crease of the eye...

UDPP's crease was apparent in the whole crease of my eye...ahh!! :[

The shadows on top of UDPP however were more vibrant and sparkly...PBEMP not so much...

Andy came over about an hour after I applied my makeup and he was like..."Howcome one eye stands out more than the other??"

HAHA!! Even HE noticed!! *hearts

Here's the look:

I used these shadows:

Urban Decay Palette that I loveee and the Stila trio [just the one color for a highlight].
Shattered was on the inner lower lid and Sin was on the outside of the lower lid.
Mildew was in the crease and Oil Slick was on the outter lower crease for depth.

Pop Beauty side

Urban Decay Side

For the lips and cheeks I used my Sara's Green Cabinet. I even used the bronzer as a contour...I think I might like it just a LITTLE more than my MAC Sculpt and Shape *gasps!!


Apr 2, 2009

crazy for carrots!!

I was reading Mel's blog [click me!!], and she bought some Body Moisturizing Lotion by Yes to Carrots. She said it smelled like one of her H20+ products, and it was her new HG lotion...so knowing that she liked H20+ [and I am a huge fan of their lotions], I decided to look into the product.

Coincidentally, my dad needed something at Walgreen's and yes Mel, it is BOGO 50%!! Yay!! I couldn't find the body lotion anywhere but they did have other products such as shampoo, conditioner, body mist, hair masks, face creams, and shower gel. The sales associate was really nice and offered to call a nearby store and they had two of the lotions left!! So the other lady put them on hold for me, but in the meantime I found one of the packs that came with the shampoo and you got the body gel for free...it only cost $7.99!! I got the conditioner as well and rushed over to the other store a few blocks down and picked up my two body moisturizing lotions.

I decided to try the shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel, because my scalp has been really dry lately and if their lotion can make you have soft skin...then maybe the hair products will do the same for my scalp and dry hair [I use hot tools on my hair almost every day].

The scent of the lotion somewhat reminds me of baby powder...but not entirely. It's not a bad smell though!! I don't smell like carrots...lol.

Grabbed a couple of THE FACE SHOP MASKS since they were 2 for $5...why not try? I got the pearl one for brightening and a raspberry and strawberry one for brightening and aging. I love masks :]

The lotion has a pump!!

Compared to my H20+, you get a little more product for a better price!! I hope this can become one of my HGs as well!! I do love the smell of my H20+ though...

Until next time!!

Apr 1, 2009

pop beauty day 2

Again I used Sara's Green Cabinet from Pop Beauty. I was much disappointed with the shadow outcome, so after using the Eye Magnet Primer, I used Revlon's Cream Shadow [a pink color] and then applied the shadows from the cabinet.

The shadows came out a little bit more vibrant. The cute pink color did not look as nice on my lids as it did on my arm swatch boo-hoo. I used one of the sparkly browns on the outter-v and the black in the crease and the same cream highlight. Again...I could totally live without these shadows. I only like a few from the box...

The gloss is amazing and the blush as well. I would actually dish out money for those products next time.
Again...I did my makeup around 2p.m, went to work till 8p.m., and took the picture around 10p.m. Even with a cream base over the primer, the shadows did not budge!! YAY!! So no creasing for this product.

A full size for this product is $18.00. I don't know about forking out that much when I don't even have a full size of UDPP..

This little baby has 0.08 oz while UDPP has 0.34 oz. You tell me what's the better buy. Plus...this thing STINKS! For the same quality, get UDPP; you get the better price and more product.

Any questions?? Throw them to me and I will answer them as best I can :]