Apr 28, 2009

been missing + carrots

I've been missing since I am getting slaughtered by mid-terms. Oh the joy of being a college student that hates school right now. I should be posting more soon though after this week since my mid-terms are this week pretty much.

Anywho...a while back I purchased some YES TO CARROTS products since they were BOGO 50% off at Walgreens. I've been using them ever since just to give you MY verdict. I know it's worked great for others but for me....well, just read on :]

*photos from yestocarrots dot com

C is Smooth
Body Moisturizing Lotion

This product unfortunately is not my favorite from the four that I bought. It actually made me more itchy...It did take away dryness, but not for a long amount of time like my H20+ Moisturizing lotion. The scent reminded me of baby powder, which was good since I thought it was going to smell weird because of the carrots. I had to constantly reapply the lotion, but I DO have pretty dry skin...*sighs. Other than that, this lotion only gets a
2.5/5 for me. I would not purchase this again.

Carrot Rich Shower Gel

Again, this is not one of my favorite products. I used this a week after I started using the lotion and it calmed down the itchyness I got from the lotion. This did not break me out and it had a sweeter smell than baby powder. It did not leave me skin feeling smooth like my Olay Body Wash that I normally use. Because this product did not make me itchy, it gets:
3/5. I would not buy this again.

C Loves Your Hair
Pampering Carrot Juice Shampoo

This product was actually gentle on my hair. It left it pretty smooth after about a week of usage. It has a nice smell to it and it hydrated my hair. It has a fun orange color to the shampoo, and I would actually purchase this again, but probably with at least a BOGO 50% off so I could get the conditioner with it. This product has a pretty small bottle compared to most shampoos...they should make a bigger bottle...this product gets a:
4/5 I would repurchase this again.

C is for Conditioner
Pampering Hair Mud Conditioner

I love this product!! It has got to be my favorite from the four I bought. This actually does deep condition and it works great with the shampoo!! It has a similar sweet scent like the shampoo and it has a pale orange color for the product. It feels really soft on my hair and I noticed it has made my scalp less itchy. I also tried this with my Garnier Fructis shampoo and that's how I know it will still work without the shampoo. This product is a bit pricey for the price so it gets:
4.5/5 I would repurchase this again!!

More updates will come as soon as school calms down!! Andy needs to send me the other pictures he took when I did a couple of fotds...Thanks for reading!!


wuzzyangel said...

That kinda sucks that the body stuff didn't work too well. But thank goodness for BOGO!

I still haven't seen this around. I think I need to look harder for Carrots! LOL!

GL with your exams!

CHOMSIRI said...

thanks for the review hun :) ill be sure to try it out! ive been curious!

stillmarionette said...

the name is cute. i want to try the shampoo and conditioner now! good luck on your midterms. I'll e-mail you back soon.

M said...

i must go find me some carrots

gglovebaby said...

glad to have u back on the blogs =) good luck on midterms!

Anonymous said...

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Chiara said...

oh how interesting, lol Man, i hate carrots. :P

Good luck on midterms! I'm going through midterm season too :/ Haha, we can suffer together -__-

MiuMiu said...

sounds yummy!
good luck on your midterms! once you're done you can breath a sigh of relief. i hated studying.. sometimes it feels like the more i study, the more i don't learn

fuzkittie said...

Good luck on the exams~~

~Mel said...

aww girl!! sorry it didn't work for youuuu.. yeah i prob should edit mine and say that it's not good for dry-skin ladies.. =/ good luck on midterms hun! =)

♥sormui♥ said...

kool! thx for the review now i wanna try the hair mask now cept I dont think they sell this where I live.. prob have to find it on9!

jie jie said...

i've been worndering on trying this brand, nad i've been eyeing the hair stuff. thanks for the reviews!

hope midterms went well.

miemiemie said...

oooh what a nice name, yes to carrots :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Good luck with the exams!!

ohh never heard of this brand before :O looking good..

-Yu- said...

thank you for the follow, dear.
I love your blog.

I keep passing by this product at my drugstore and ponder if i should try it out. I'm so curious of it. I really interested in the shampoo now. thank you for the review!

Chiara said...

I've tagged ya hun :D

Pop Champagne said...

Sorry to hear the body stuff waren't very good. But I'm curious about their shampoo and conditioner now. Thanks for the review :)