Apr 19, 2009

old haul + shu

These are from the video I did since the lighting was HORRIBLE!!
I love how Benefit packages their items!! They came with loads of freebies too :]
And I love the Clinique GWP!!

These are the swatches from the Benefit lip products.
Starting from the left: Lip Plumper in Yoo Hoo, Her Glossiness in Didn't Hear It From me, Her Glossiness in Next Question Please, and the gloss in Rave Reviews.

Rave Reviews has more orange in it than Next Question Please although in the tubes they look quite similar.

I hauled a few Shu Uemura items last week...I've always wanted to try his stuff...!!

I got a "lip laquer"...it's just a really cute light pink balm with glitters.

And here's the blush...it's a very light peach color. Here is doesn't really show up on my hand, but my face is lighter than my hand so it just gives a very slight pink on the cheeks which is very cute!

So cute!

No more hauling for a long time...I'm serious!! I'm such a poor college student...but I AM trying to think of some contest ideas since my blog's birthday is in MAY! YAY!! so watch out for that :]


wuzzyangel said...

Great stuff! I think I'm gonna miss out on this Clinique GWP. I gotta stop spending money! LOL!

Sarah said...

Ooh I am a sucker for Benefit packaging too, it is so cute! And I love the little slogans they put on everything :)

Yumeko said...

u got some pretty pretty stuff
i like shu uemura stuff a lot too!

ning * star said...

cool . u have a lot of great things. I love the peachy color. hehe. i looks healthy when put on on skin <3

applecider918 said...

I got the Clinique GWP too! But my mom stole most of the stuff. boo!

CHOMSIRI said...

i love benefit and clinique! cute layout! don't forget about my free giveaway okay? :D

M said...

i love shopping at the benefit site too :P

M said...

oh i do like benefit lipstick better than mac. for mac I like the cremesheen line its kind of dry but good pigmentation :)

Ahleessa said...

Nice haul! You said his stuff. Is Shu made from a male?... lol~ If it is, I didn't know.

Blair said...

Oooh, what's the last item? It looks so cute!

Ladyfei♡ said...

nice stuff you got there! all the benefits <3
i want to try shu uemura m33e blush. it looks frikkin pretty!<3

Chiara said...

I'm excited for your contest! :D I love Shu blushes. My favorite is Peach 40 :D It's the perfect peachy shade.

Anywayss, I've put up some of the Shu shadows for sale/swap if you're still interested <3