Mar 27, 2009

purple party

Tonight I went to a themed party where you had to wear purple, and all of you ladies know how I ADORE purple!!'s my face ;D

These are the pictures with Andy's Canon 5D...and below are some pictures from my dinky Canon Powershot HAHA ;D SUCH A DIFFERENCE I KNOW!!

I told Andy to take a picture of the shadows I used, but he forgot to upload them to my laptop -.-'' So here's the list!!

On my eyes:
-Urban Decay Grifter on lower lid and bottom lashline
-Coastal Scents Midnight Sky on outter corner
- UD Ransom in the crease
- Smashbox Celebrita [white color] as highlight
- MAC blacktrack fluidline
- Some Asian crisscross lashes...I have tons of lashes but I never use

*I really like fake lashes but no matter how much glue I seem to use...the edges look like they are going to fall off!! I've found that the half lashes work better for me...any tips ladies?!?!

On my lips I just have Dior Addict Hight Shine Lipstick 260 Couture Pink and Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect 517 Clutch Pink.

I really do love the High Shine Lipsticks...they are not drying at all!! I was going to wear the lippie alone but I wanted to use my gloss for the first time too haha :p I love!

I have a couple of hauls coming up...stay tuned!


Ladyfei♡ said...

omg ur so pretty! i love mac fluidline in blacktrack too! but mines a bit drying ;_;

loveSHARA said...

Hmms.. for the glue let it get tacky and then shove them on your lid. Okay don't shove but you know what I mean. . I love lashes too but sometimes they do sprung on me. I always have an xtra tube of glue with me if I know they're going to jump .. rofl [:

wuzzyangel said...

So pretty!! And you must get tired of us all saying how gorgeous purples look on you!! :)

So cute you and andy!!

Kimberly Tia said...

You and Andy are just so darn cute! and I love me some purples too girl! they look fantastic on you though! You wear them well!!! ^_^

gorillababy said...

wow.. ur shadow looks completely different on urs and andy's camera! a lot darker and shimmery on the powershot.

~Mel said...

ur bangs are too cute! love the look! =)

Ladyfei♡ said...

oh and ur camera is really nice dear <3
yeah 7 dogs, big aand small.
a siberian husky, a toy poodle, a spitz x pomeranian , and shih tzus!
haha i will put pic of my spitz cuz im living with him now, not with the 6 others..

fuzkittie said...

Super pretty lips!! Gotta love those dior lippies. The purple looks great on you, and your bangs are so cute!!!

denise said...

awww purple is your color...u look great...for the lashes maybe they're a bit long for ur eyes just cut them according to the size of your eyes....hope it helps

CHOMSIRI said...

gorgeous! i love the purple!

M said...

You look so pretty. i don't know if i ever mentioned this, but your bangs are perfect!

Wanderer said...

Pretty eyes!