Jun 29, 2009

Advice please!!

Okay...I don't know why this urge kicked in NOW...when it's summer and all...I should have started this back in the winter rarr...but I am lemming A LOT of LANEIGE products!!

For sure I want the Star white emulsion and Star white cream bottles...to lighten my skin and help prevent me from getting tanned more...I tan so easily!!

So...should I wait till summer passes? OR if I get the two now, will it help whiten AT ALL??

Wait...or just buy now? :[

Which choice would be more effective?!

I am also DYING to get their sliding powder pact...I don't need too much coverage and I read that it gives a very natural finish which is great in my opinion...and I really want to try their Secret of Snow Crystal Snow Radiant Blusher...they look very much like MAC MSFS but not as glittery disco-ballish...AHHH!!! I think I might have a small blog sale soon...just to get rid of a couple of palettes... :[


wuzzyangel said...

Sorry I can't help you on this one. But if you do get them let us know how you like it! :)

MiuMiu said...

you should take a look at their new line White Plus. hehe i know how that huge lemming feels like..if you don't get it, you might regret it! haha
I think you should try the sliding pact, it's so pretty XD

applecider918 said...

I think you should go ahead and get it now to prevent tanning? especially if you don't like getting darker.

stillmarionette said...

still trying to find a nice pressed powder?

I want the laneige whitening products too :[

Grace said...

I used that for three years... and it barely made any changes as far as whitening your skin. You may have to use it for a looooong time to see some visible results :)