Nov 21, 2008

hello kitty for mac!!

oh my lovelies!! i'm sure you all have seen the articles and the two pictures of the hello kitty for mac collection, so i won't repost any of that. i love love love hello kitty and you know i am going to snag a few tokens of love from this collection for sure!!

but i need to save money!!! so...i've made a deal with makeup for a lonnnnng time [with the hello kitty mac collection as an exception, my boyfriend also agrees] because i am going to SKIDAZZLE!!!! It's a snow sport convention where they sell winter snow gear for CHEAP because it's last season...but gosh...i am going to get my very own snowboard and who knows what else :p That will be a very big haul, hence why i will be skipping on beauty products for a while. Good thing my birthday is in February!! Hrm...just in time for the Hello Kitty collection ;] ;]

anywho...i'm off to work so i can save up for the things i want to buy :p

i will post my prize swag from the lolita contest [yay!! third place!! congratts to the other two lovely ladies! fuz you're so cute!] and...a couple of pictures from my very oh so small sephora haul. yep!


wuzzyangel said...

I know everything cute comes out around the Holidays.. either before or after.. And usually you're broke at either time!! LOL!

jie jie said...

I'm so out of date on MAC releases.. but it'll be in FEB right? A month after the holidays might help you recover a bit. We gotta help stimulate the economy by buying more.

ahbeeedotcom said...

i cant wait for the hello kitty haul its def. going to be great

Kimberly Tia said...

hiyeeeee stranger! where ya been hiding?? you been playing in your makeup??

that musubi molds are fairly inexpensive about $2-3 i think? and the spam cutter you can get at Marukai (just down your street) *jealous*
i think last time i was there they had it on sale for $5!!! go go goooooo

have a great turkey day mama!!