Feb 28, 2009

cs brushes review [after a week of usage]

I did a review on the cs brushes after washing them [click here], and i wanted to let you beauty bloggers know the status of their usage. Here's a review after a week of using them and this is just totally my opinion. I don't know if I got a bad brush [you can tell from what I will write below] or what. If you have any other questions just leave me a comment. On to the review!

The Silver Duo Fiber Stippling Brush $7.95--

This brush, aside from washing, was actually pretty good to my surprise. I was so upset after washing it since it shed so much, but as using it with my liquid foundation, it shed maybe three hairs at most. It was incredibly soft and gave the great airbrush look finish to my face. I only used it for my liquid foundation but I'm sure it would be great for cream blushes and such.
This product gets a 4/5 kaos just for usage!!
But for washing it gets 1/5 :[

Flat Mineral Bronzer Buffer Large $4.25--

OH MY GOODNESS THIS BRUSH. It was just a total let down in my opinion. I washed it about three more times and finally get a neutral scent after using TOOTHPASTE to wash it. Yes...toothpaste!! I was desperate!! I don't even care if it's good for the brush or not...it smelled THAT bad. Anyways...after using it...it just shed even more on my face!! It was pure annoyance. I used it maybe...two times after that and couldn't take it anymore. Coverage was decent but...the shedding even after washing it THREE TIMES made it worse.
This brush just gets a 1/1 overall.

Italian Badger Angle Brush $6.99--
This brush was absolute love. At first I thought it was a bit small, but it ended up being the perfect size for my cheeks. It allowed more control for me and was very soft on my skin. No breakouts occurred whatsoever. I highly recommend this brush.
This brush gets a 5/5

Italian Badger Blender $2.95--
This brush was my most favorite out of the four. It didn't give me any problems during washing and this brush is just...amazing. The price is unbeatable and the quality is even better. It is VERY VERY VERY soft and blends wonders. I love this brush and saw myself using it often compared to my Sonia Kashuk blending brush. PURE PURE LOVE!!
This brush gets a 10/5...yes it's that amazing!

I hope this helps you ladies!! Sorry I didn't buy more to review. It was my very first CS haul and I wanted to just try them out. The shipping was fast for even the cheapest one and I even got a pigment sample. How nice!

I always wanted to thank you ladies for all of the wonderful comments you left me!! I would have loved to show you the "full" picture but ahem ahem. I don't think I will bare all just yet *blushes. This pictures made me want to model for Victoria's Secret PINK line or something though. Who wouldn't want to model on a bed with nice white sheets?! ;D But thank you really!! I really do enjoy being Andy's model while he plays around with his camera :p

He has an xsi/450d dslr whatever that means for those of you who wanted to know :] Bye for now!

P.S. He says he wants a 50d [again...whatever that means]. If anyone has any hookups with discounts anywhere let me know!! :]


Chiara said...

Nice review!! Did you experience any brush stinkiness? I've heard alot of people saying that the badger brush is unbearable when wet, lol

Andy: I want to get a 40d :9 But secretly want the 5d Mark II but no one's going to get that for me haha

wuzzyangel said...

Thanks for this review!! That sucks about the smelly one! I never thought about toothpaste! hrmmm...

And yes I think you'd make a wonder VS PINK model!! ;)