Jan 9, 2009

pink's barbie contest

She's a good girl
With a flame inside
Her alter-ego
Wants a chance to come outside

But mommy and daddy won't allow
It's books and school
"Tsk tsk," they say.
She must follow the rules.

Her wild child side
Must stay trapped behind the mirror
Until Amanda can say
That the end is coming nearer.

She will be 21 next month
So she will run and play
'Cause mommy and daddy
Can no longer keep 'Rae'

Now 'Rae' that was once trapped
Can come to the other side
And finally say a new beginning is here
'Rae' will make sure that she will never be pushed aside.

Obviously this is for pink's crazy fun barbie contest. I thought i would do a type of good girl/bad girl look. I DO have this type of wild side suppressed since my parents are all for school and studying...and even as an almost 21 year old, I still have to be home at a certain time and what I wear is somewhat criticized. I have old fashioned grandparents and so I have to be careful of what I portray or my parents get the worst of it from them. I try to be good, but I do sometimes want to be bad... :p

Here's the magic paints used!
MAC studio fix c4
MAC sculpt and shape
MAC Light Flush
Bourjois blush mixed together: rose de jaspe and rose d'or
on my eyes:
Dior Holiday palette 2008, the 4th color, a light gray/lavender--along the upper lashline
Urban Decay Fishnet on inner corner up till mid-brow somewhat outlining my eye
UD Ransom on crease
UD Flash inner lower lashline till 3/4 out
NARS Night Flight as the outter V coming from my hairline and also lining the rest of the bottom lash
CG lashblast in black
Ardell 105 lashes
Prestige black liner to tightline and waterline
Lancome Noir Artliner upper lashline
NYX lip pencil Prune
MAC Mattene lipstick BING
Smashbox Desire on what BING did not cover

HOLY I USED A LOT!! I got that clean Night Flight line from using Scotch tape HEHE! It took a long time but it was fun :] I shall show you my small haul soon :]

Note: In the first picture, both girls are ME! My ladies, photoshop is wonderful :] Thank you baby! :]


fuzkittie said...

Woo you're so sexy here!! Love the creative makeup~ And the good girl bad girl poem is awesome, hehe.

Kimberly Tia said...

I Focking LOVE LOVE it!
my gosh... that first photo is amazing!! What a great job on the photo shop and what a great job you did on the makeup and wardrobe...

Let Rae out more often she's fabulous!!!

paperdollrevenge said...

Very cute! I love the first pic! My, you are a skinny lil thing! And I just realized you're not even 21 yet, and yet you do your makeup so nicely! Good luck in the contest! =)

M said...

omg, this is totally sexy. i love the outfit

wuzzyangel said...

This is sooo AWESOME!! All your contest entries always are!! Dang that photoshop pic is fricken SWEET!! Skillz girl!! You gots the skillz!!!

May Nguyen said...

i love the firstpicture look so real!

I lovethe imagaination!

supervillain said...

I love this entry. It's very creative and just awesome. The first photo is sikk. I always love doing altered mirror images. I have many in my archives. You did a great job. Oh and you're as cute as a button with a heaping portion of sexy on the side. =) xoxo

miemiemie said...

oooh i love your pictures, you are so pretty girl!:)

Glow Chaser said...

Ohhh the stylishness of this!!! I adore this post.

Hey I have been bad!! I always read your post but havent invited you to mine!!! Please email me on makemeshiney@gmail.com so I can fix my misdeed?