Aug 26, 2008

red eye JUST KIDDING! eotd :]

i have been up to no good...just working a ton to get some of that extra cash flow in before school starts all over again yuck. i was playing around with my jesse's girl loose eye pigment and came up with this look. i just used the red pigment with my l'oreal de-crease primer and used a highlight to blend out the harsh lines. nothing too complicated. i don't really like the red look on me but ehh...i am definitely not going to toss it. i do however use my pink loose eye dust all the time :]

on another note, i am a total nerd and just finished reading the whole TWILIGHT series! yay! i can't wait for the movie to come out in november!! it took harry potter's spot since they are delaying ;] who else has read TWILIGHT?! let me know :]

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