Aug 30, 2008

collective haul

I have been super lazy and I just keep postponing all my posts. I don't really have a reason except for...I'm always out out out :p Well...anyways, here's some stuff I actually got through makeupalley. I was really hesitant for swapping on there since I've been hearing a lot of horror stories, but I was extra careful and messaged with the lovely ladies quite a few times before sealing the deal. Here's a picture of the things I got; a lot of extras were included but I probably either won't be using those or...I totally forgot to take a picture. Yay! My first MAC shadestick in Royal Hue. The next post will have me wearing it as a base. I did a purple look for my six months :] More on that later :]

Here is what I got from Aya-san [irodori]!! YAY!! She even threw in an extra palette!! We e-mailed back and forth quite a bit, but not so much anymore. She's a busy gal!! Basically, I bought her US items and in return she sent me items from Japan :] YAY!!

I went to Japan twice and fell in love with their connecty earrings since I have two holes on each side plus one in my cartilege on one ear. I told her about them and she got me some cute star earrings!! I'm wearing them as we speak :]

The boyfriend took me on a shopping trip to Brea mall and he said I could get whatever as long as it wasn't makeup. Boo hoo! Well...not really since I have a ton of it anyways. I'm really trying to save up for that Hello Kitty MAC release that's up in the air. Anyways, I got this super cute thin black belt with stars and a trendy vest at Metropark. There's a better picture below.

Charlotte Russe was having a brown bag sale [anything you fit in the bag was 25% off]. I just thought this shirt was cool and got some panties along with it but...those are for my eyes only :p

I love my vest! I forgot to take a picture of the black hat that I got at Metropark as well. It's just one of those black hats...kind of like the one Fergie wears in her Big Girls Don't Cry MV.

I love love love my new Betsey Johnson bag!! It's my favorite item from the shopping trip. I've been eyeing the bag every time I went to the mall and it was $90 and I told myself ughh I don't need another bag especially in white. They just get dirty so fast! must have been my lucky day because this bag was marked down to $60! SO I FINALLY got it! Got a cool looking sword necklace and a couple of cheap sunglasses that are from Love 21...that Forever 21 accessories store. I love my boyfriend and gosh...this was a fun collective haul :] More pictures will be coming soon when I get the chance to upload them on a host site :]


Alyssa said...

I love your Japanese haul you got from Aya! :) I wish there were Japanese eyeshadows palettes here. If they did, I so would buy them. I can't wait to see your look with those! :)

Alyssa said...

I don't think most Asians can pull of blue. If they can, they're very lucky!!! :) I noticed I can't seem to pull of light to medium blues. The only thing that works on me is bright, metallic blue... hehe~ Speaking of blues, how do you like the MAC warm palette? I love that palette! :) That's the one I bought last winter.

You know I have never done nails on other people other than my nieces... lol~ I even mess it up on me, but I clean it well... lol~ :X I don't know why people think my nails are that good. I'm just a beginner who started nail arts this year. I didn't even color my nails this January. I think I started in April or May.

Aya said...

Amandaaaaaa, glad you liked the earrings! I use the Wet n Wild bronzer you got me every damn day...LOVE it! Your hubby is so sweet...I don't think mine has ever bought me clothes...except socks, LOL.
Looking forward to some FOTD's with those palettes! If you want something, just let me know :)