Sep 4, 2008

cue aka purikura <3

my boyfriend wishes he could be this color in real life...what a weirdo T_T

my favorite one ^__^;;

the boyfriend and i went to cue the other night since we were bored and i love that place [i have a whole booklet of cue sticker pictures ^__^]. i tried to do something different...hence the RED LIPS. normally i just sport some lipgloss or chapstick...something that isn't too drastic and noticeable, but boy oh boy when i put my viva glam lippie on i think i almost gave my boy toy a heart attack! hah! he was like...what are you wearing?! yup...i told you so that i don't really wear lipstick. i was really hesitant on stepping out of the house with this color on my lips but i really want to try and get used to it since the look for fall is the dark plum looking goth lips that i find lovely. they remind me of vampires...and i want the whole gray/pale white skin just like them...maybe i am too obsessed with my twilight series.'s my cue pix aka purikura. i love this place and i wish we would go more but those damn machines are so expensive!! i remember going back in 9th grade...about 5 years ago...when the sheet of stickers cost only around $4!!


Alyssa said...

Oh mi gosh these are such cute pictures! :) You guys are too cute for words!

Alyssa said...

Did the nails come out good though? :D

Aya said...

You're byooootiful Amandaaaa!!! You and your hubby are too cute. I haven't taken purikura in years...I should drag my man to the mall to take some, hahahaha. Hows school? Did the blue palette work for you???

Ally said...

You two look adorable together!!
The purkiura machines here are no where near as nice as the ones you took.
The frames are all so boring here and most of them you can't write or decorate ><