Sep 24, 2008


i have not posted for a while and have been pretty has given more hours [yes! so i can buy more makeup and buy toys for my doggie ^__^]. anywho! i DID go to the GRAND OPENING of SEPHORA at the Montclair mall. I dragged a girl friend and MY boyfriend along. We just BARELY made it to get gift cards, each that had $10 on them. Hey! Better than nothing! I didn't splurge on anything, because I want to save up and jsut get a huge haul before Christmas for myself. I'm trying to be really good about spending too much at the moment!! My boyfriend gave me his giftcard, so yeahh I have $20 to spend :]

Wo-wo has been keeping me up all night too! She just wants to sleep with me but she's so small and I'm afraid to squish her T_T She stays at my boyfriend's house, because we've figured it's easier to train her at one house. She still poops in infamous places -.-''

ALSO!! I made TOP 15! for yummiebitez contest!! I am so excited!! There are so many other lovely contestants that made it...BUT I REALLY WANT THE PALETTE! haha so of course I'm voting every day and getting the gfs and my bf to voteee duhh!

I'll try to post more. I have a couple of looks I did with the palettes that Aya got me in Japan and they look quite lovely :] toodles for now!


Alyssa said...

How cute she wants to sleep with you! :)

Alyssa said...

I bet she sounds cute when she tries to bark... hehe~

Alyssa said...

I know which blogger you were talking about... lol~ You're so lucky you won the mini Konad kit! I've been wanting to buy the kit, but I held back. :X