Aug 11, 2008

mermaid eotd

excuse the mermaid look but i was having too much fun playing with my jesse's girl eye dusts. i remember i came out of my room and my younger sister was like wth you look like a mermaid, thus my inspiration for the name. anyways...i didn't curl my lashes yet but here's what i packed onto my eye.

-l'oreal de-crease
- revlon creame shadow in va va va bloom [first slot]
- aquamarine looking color in jesse's eye dust
- hot pink color in jesse's eye dust [for some reason my dusts have no names like others have mentioned]
- jane coolest pink
- very sexy aqau sequin eyeliner

p.s. i love my ghetto looking shaded in eyebrows but i love plucking and shaving them too much.

on another note, i am patiently waiting for my package that aya [irodori] sent. we went shopping for each other and shipped packages to each other. i can't wait for the goodies from japan! :]


Alyssa said...

I can't wait to see your stuff from Aya. I love Japanese products. This past weekend I went to J-town market and got myself Kiss Me Heroine blush. It's so pretty, but no clue if it's good or not.

xppinkx said...

hey girl

if your Amanda please dis regard this message!!!

i was just wondering if you made up your mind to come to the pow wow...i need to know for sure so i can put in a head count...

i would really love for you to come and the ladies all would love to meet you ...

can you please let me know by the end of this day so i can put in a reservation for the restaurant...and even if you decide not to come just let me know...

i really hope to see you there...DONT BE SHY!!! there will be food, fun, and lots of laughs