Aug 7, 2008

melody's makeup outlet haul

so after reading all about melody's makeup outlet in alhambra from yummiebitez, i had to check it out for myself since it's only about 15-20 minutes away from me. why not save money on name brand makeup? well...i got a viva glam I and a warm eyes royal palette that i've wanted for a very long time since I got addicted to the makeup craze. i love name brand makeup and always just used the urban decay shadows, clinique, or lancome but I had to check out the shadows on this baby. it's an old palette but I am IN LOVE with it! I haven't tried the lippie yet, but I will soon. I had this haul for awhile now...I went the day after I saw it on yummiebitez blog and yup...i even got a 10% discount just for mentioning the gal :] thanks! so yessss...just wanted to let you know what I picked up!

p.s. thanks for the hair comments! i love it too but i am so lazy to style it every day :[


Anne @ said...

you're soo lucky you're soo close to it! I have to drive at least 45 mins to get there :).

but great haul!

Alyssa said...

I have the exact same palette and I love it! :) Did they have the metallic one?... lol~ Now I want to check out the place.