Jul 29, 2008

talent? indeed!

so my boyfriend is a graphic design major and he totally loves messing around with photoshop. i guess he got bored one day and wanted to add some photoshop makeup to his already cute face :p yeah well let's just say his makeup skills are crazy! i saw it and was like wtheckkk that's photoshopped?! well anywho, he makes one scary looking dark guy if he actually wore this out to the real world :p here's the before and after pictures :]



i guess you guys can click the picture to see a more clear view. but he sure has talent!
i have some eye looks to post but i've been too lazy to post them and i got my hair cut recently as well! i shall post those pictures up SOON! :] enjoy!

1 comment:

xppinkx said...

he looks like a Japanese rock star!!!!

i love a guy that is in touch with his feminine side...