Jul 3, 2008


i have been very very lazy as you can see i have not blogged for quite a while :[ i havent even been doing anything! i bought a couple of those revlon creame shadow palettes and they work great for bases! i used a color for a base today. i got the va va va bloom 07 and skinlights 08 illuminance creame shadows. i really like the skinlights one because they are neutral tones and can work well with any color applied on top.

it's just a quick EOTD look. i used:
+ the third color from revlon skinlights creame shadow palette as a base
+ NYX yellow pearl
+ milani coffee shop [dry]
+ lancome dill [shimmer]
+ mary kay spun silk for highlighter
+ ELF liquid liner in black
+ lancome eye pencil in noir for waterline and then set with NYX black shadow
+ ELF mascara

i used a lot of random shadows since i was bored at home with nothing to do. hopefully i can a lot more eye looks this summer :p i hope everyone out there is staying cool!


xppinkx said...

You have a really cute blog and i just happend to click right on by!i take it that your japanese?...i see that you live in the CA area...i cant wait to move out there and get the sun 24/7 365 days outta the year!....i am actually hosting a blogger dinner for the ladies in cali while i will be up there for the week checking out condos and the scene..i know your kinda new at this but it would be kinda fun to round up the ladies for an actual blogger dinner...you can go to my site for more in depth detail!...

great blog!!

xppinkx said...

hey chickie

i need an email addy to send the evite

thanks doll

Alyssa said...

I ran into your blog through people's comment. I just wanted to say you have gorgeous eyes! :)

Aya said...

Hey thanks for leaving a comment. If you paypal me the funds, I can do a custom purchase for you, please let me know what you'd like :) BTW the EOTD is maji kawaii. How are the ELF products working for you? I ordered a crap load, including the mascara. Anyway, you can e-mail me at takingbacktakada@gmail.com
:) aya