Dec 13, 2008

mag haul

so i said i would post my mag haul from lil tokyo in downtown la...sorry i've lagged but this past week was just finals for me...focus on finals meant lots of fun and play time for a whole month until school starts again.'s the three mags i got. the other ones didn't phase me too much...i mainly got these ones for the little bags they came with :p

i usually only get cancam, vivi, ray, or egg. egg didn't have any fun hootchie mama looks though [and the hootchie mamas in japan are just...not anything like our hootchies in socal :p they do it with class :p]

and on the other side it has the little pocket to put the packet of tissues! how cute!

and this magazine store is great...they don't try to rip you off like the other japanese markets. these magazines only cost around $10 and if it's in the old issue [which one of the mags i got IS], they sell them for a cheaper prize. i don't mind looking at last month's issue! ;D

and so here's the total :]

what a steal huh! :]

and i'm so so sad! i didn't even get to enter diana's contest! i had work all night last night and totally forgot to enter :[ i can't wait to see the other entries though :]

and i'm super bummed that i won't be going to pink's pow wow AGAIN! i'll be snowboarding in big bear for the weekend :p pictures of that will be up of course when i get back :]

and i saw ms. tia at b&n while i was working! we waved but i couldn't even talk to her because i was ringing up some slow person booo :[


Kimberly Tia said...

o m gawddddddddd I sawwwwwwww youuuuuuu -- i wanted to run up and hug you to pieces but sheesh that customer of yours was taking up all my quality time with my A-Girl .... how friggin cute are you in person!

i was standing in line w/the bf and it totally hit me that you had mentioned that you worked at that B&N, and i kept telling him it's HERRRRR...

*sigh* "close yet so far" huh girl. we'll def. have to hang out sometime, shewt we're practically neighbors.

Kimberly Tia said...


bummed u won't be attending pink's pow wow -- but excited you'll be a snow bunny, take lots of pix!!! ^_^

wuzzyangel said...

Def take pics of the snowboarding for us!! Be safe too!!

Wow.. I can't even find Jap mags down here, and there you are getting um at great prices to boot!! So jelly... and those bags are too cute too!!! EEP!

paperdollrevenge said...

Japanese magazines!! Yay you got the same S'Cawaii I got. I love getting cute magazines that come with free cute bags!

I've seen that bookstore around somewhere before (I think there's one in OC), I'm going to have to check that one out! Especially since the past magazines are less than $10. (Thanks for the info!)

I used to buy CanCam the most, one of their main models is so freaking pretty (I want to be her? haha) but now I think I'm more into S'Cawaii/Cawaii and HoneyGirl. Now if all the mags were $5 I'd buy them all! =P

You still have time to enter! It ends January 12, not December 12. I did that so everyone could have time since I know there's finals and Christmas and New Year's, plus it gives me time to get the prizes. =)

And how cute you and Tia saw each other at B&N! I am bummed you won't be going to the pow wow but I know 2009 is not that far away and we'll have plenty of opportunities to meet...even if we have to stalk you at B&N! =)

fuzkittie said...

Haha how cool you two saw each other! Such cute bags~~

M said...

ohhhh japanese mags! <3 <3 <3

have fun boarding!