Nov 7, 2010

tokidoki Robbery Palette Review

The tokidoki Robbery Palette Review.  All colors were very pigmented except the blush Momobella and the shadow Liberty.  Overall the palette is a great investment and the other colors are really pigmented and smooth!


Jennifer said...

so cute! wish they sell it over here :D

btw are you eyeing on anything for Christmas ^_^??

Jennifer said...

hehe i forgot to reply to your comment about christmas lemmings...hmm not much at this moment XD because i'm so broke now. But i definitely think i should invest more in skincare and clothes instead of makeup -__-'' like what you said!

The lancome artliner you talked about - is it eyeliner? and it's your HG?

wendycakes said...

all the tokidoki stuff @ sephora are all oh so freaking cute. u just made me wish i had gotten some of them during the F&F, or perhaps i still can with my VIB invite.

haha thanks for being an enabler! :)

missmicchan said...

Ahhh love cute :) Thanks for the review!

hiven said...

x hivennn. enter my giveaway? six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway.

Ahleessa said...

I'm so in love with Tokidoki and want their brushes... hehe~ My friend said highly good stuff about it! That's a nice palette.

Mimi said...

great review! :D

p.s. check out my giveaway!

<3, Mimi