Oct 10, 2009

first blog sale!!

I am having my first blog sale consisting of makeup items. I'm selling these items mainly because I have too much makeup and I barely touch these items. I'm trying to make a little room for my new Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II!!

Shipping within the U.S. will be $3 unless otherwise stated. For each additional item please add $0.50 [for bigger envelope and packaging, etc.]. Tracking is included.

For international buyers, I will calculate your shipping based upon your location using the postal website.

There are NO RETURNS. PAYPAL only, item(s) will be shipped after payment success.

Please e-mail me at amanda.iscool[at]gmail[dot]com with your paypal login email so I can send you the request for payment.

Top left corner: Sonia Kashuk Sweet Nothings eye palette used no more than 3x. $3 SOLD

Bottom left corner: NYX palettes inTS27 (Platinum Pink/Salmon/Jazzy Bronze) slight dip in Platinum Pink, others used 5x. $1; TS18 (Yellow Pearl/Antique Gold/Golden) used no more than 5x. $2. Take both NYX palettes for $1.75 SOLD

Top hand corner: Jesse's Girl Eye Dusts in Hot Pink, Royal Blue, Aquamarine, and Red. The Red was moved into another container [the BE container because it has a sifter]. The Red was used 2x, the hot pink has a little more than half full, the royal blue is about 80% full, and the aquamarine is about 60% full. Take all four for $8.

Bottom right hand corner: Maybelline Mineral Power in Gentle Pink. Used no more than 5x. Asking $1.00 SOLD. H.I.P. Metallic Shadow Duo in Magnetic. Used 1x. Blues don't look good on me!! Asking $2.00.

Makeup lot of random things. The whole lot $17 shipped. It comes with: 4 Biore nose strips, Bonne Bell Blend and Glow [lightly used], Pore Putty [used 3x], Trish McEvoy Face Shine Cream blush and bronzer [swatched 3x], BareMinerals Warmth [used 5x], Cargo SmokeyEye Duo in Budapest [used 6x], Etude Jelly Tint 02 [used 4x], Rimmel Three-Sun shadow palette in Platonic [like new], NYC eye dust in Smokey Topaz [10x], Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow duo in Silk & Suede [slight dips], Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow duo in A Perfect Match [3x], Cherry Culture gloss brand new, Rimmel shadow in Saucy Mint [slight dip], Clinique GWP blush Smoldering Plum [3x], Jane Radiation loose shadow [1/3 left], Jane Iced Shadow in Her Majesty [1/4 left], Jane shadow in Cool Pink [slight dip], Jane shadow in Millionaire [slight dip], Jane shadow in Pretty in Pink [slight dip], Jane eye zing link duos in night and day [slight dips], NYX single shadow in Aloha [5x], Revlon lustrous lip stick in Raisin Rage [2x], NYX round lipstick in Bruised [1x], CG trio [slight dips], CG Sky duo [2x], Natural Collection shadow in Butterscotch [slight dip], and Prestige Soft Kohl Eyeliner in Haze [sharpened 3x]. SOLD
L.A. colors palettes: Lightly used. Take all three palettes for $3 SOLD.

Thanks for looking! If you have any questions, don't hesitate :]


sindylicious said...


i'm interested in the Dior palette, how much will u charge for shipping to Thailand?

thank you

kawaiikao said...

sorry but the dior palette has already been sold!

Ahleessa said...

Good luck in your blog sale! It looks like yours is better than mine since you sold at least one item... lol~ Nobody wants my things *sigh*. :(

The day Tobey got attacked was the first time I saw this dog. Most dogs at the dog park I know are friendly. Thankfully, the owner is responsible and paid for the bill (still waiting for a check for some of it). I definitely agree that dog shouldn't be at the dog park. Tobey is so friendly after being attack, he didn't attack that dog back (I've seen this happen often). He acted like nothing happened. How sweet is he!!! :)

squishedpuppy said...

Hey, i'm wondering if you received my email on your blog sale?
It's from yousquishedmypuppy@hotmail.com.
Hope to hear from you soon! ^^

Anonymous said...

hey girl~ I just emailed you! you won my giveaway!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hi hun! :) Starbuck's pumpkin spice latte rocks! I have only made hot chocolate in my machine but I assume it can make any other mixed hot drinks since all it does is steam and mix whatever you throw in. :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

P.S Good luck on your blog sale!!

Iyah said...

wow!! So many great stuff!! : Good luck! :D

Toothfairy said...

good luck! I hope you sell everything soon, too bad I'm a bit germaphobic, that nars palette looks good!


Anonymous said...

HEY GIIIRRRRL i havent talked to you in forever! omg all your eyeshadows look amazing =D