Jun 9, 2008

drugstore haul

alright! so finally my blog is up and running and i wonder if i'll even get people to read this since there are already so many wonderful makeup/beauty gurus out there. it doesnt hurt to try though :] my site looks pretty awesome thanks to my talented, aspiring graphics design boyfriend <3 anyways...heres my haul from the past couple of weeks!! ive been waiting for my blog to get decorated and now that it is...i can get rolling!

i bought the l'oreal de-crease eyeshadow base since i noticed many say that it's a pretty good primer for half the price of the udpp. saving money makes kawaiikao happy!! i was running low on my bareminerals foundation so i ran out and got the maybelline mineral power foundation along with a couple oh blushes. i have to say that after using them for a couple of weeks, i love love love them! i decided to try the nyc eyebrow filler pencil because i was running low on my covergirl ones, and i thought it would be fun to try nyc's correcter stick. the nyc eyebrow pencil is a little more creamier than i like it to be, but it works! i also got a jesse's girl loose eyeshadow [the only bad thing is that there is no sifter and it gets everywhere!].

well...that's my haul and i hope you enjoyed reading my first official post!

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Gee said...


Thanks for your support on my ban, lol! And thanks for being a reader :)

I love Maybelline Mineral Power foundation too!!! Not too long ago, I got my EDMs and it's pretty inexpensive too. I like both so I use both. I'm torn~

Kawaii blog!! I'll definitely visit again ^^